Gift Suggestions for People Battling Cancer

We have been asked to put together a list of gift suggestions. First I would like to encourage everyone to check out the Spirit Jumpers who have shops. You can see some amazing handmade gifts by click on the Tab Jumpers. There make jewelery, chemo hats, blankets, artwork, stuffed animals etc...And every shop with ** next to it gives a special discount to people who are purchasing gifts for Spirit Jump.

Here is a quick list of gift ideas that were shared with my by people who have/are battling cancer:

  • Netflix Membership
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Humor Books - Get your friend funny books to read or have read to them.
  • Misc. Cancer Apparel - Here are some misc. sites with all types of cool gifts and cancer gear for the cancer fighter/survivor in your life!

Cancer Apparel, Cancer books & CDs, Buttons, Gift Baskets, Assorted gifts, Jewelry, Cancer Sucks stuff, Wrist Bands, Caregiver gifts, New Cancer Products, Treatment Days

Cool Swag for Knitting Freaks!! Us fighters get bored laying around all the time. If your fighter knits this site was recommended by another survivor. Totally Awesome stuff for everyone who knits.


  1. This helps out alot. Although I make hats mainly, sometimes I'd like to send an extra something. I do have a suggestion, and I am new to this so maybe it's a repeat suggestion but I think more info about "likes" and sizes would be helpful. I recently SJed a 14 year old boy and had no idea what he would like (since interests can vary greatly at that age). I hope he likes his hats!

  2. i try to ask ppl what they like but a lot of the time they don't tell me. Thats why I thought this post might be helpful. I will definitely try to get more ideas of what ppl like though :)