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Spirit Jump
2121 W. Woolbright Rd. K-101
Boynton Beach, FL 33426


Twitter: @spiritjump

Contact Founder Meaghan Edelstein:
Twitter: @cancerlost

Contact Director Bryan Power
Twitter: @Thelifeofpower

Contact Volunteer Lillie Hobson
Twitter: @lilliJ


  1. Just a note to let you know your "jump someone" and "get jumped" graphic links are going to where you have the photos hosted. I don't think that is your intention? Also, Your blogger feeds are going from oldest to newest and generally peeps like to read it newest to oldest and that's a simple RSS setting. If I'm being to presumptive with advice, sorry. It's in my nature as this is what I did for a living. Infrastructure and website reviews. Blessed be... HCCandME

  2. im confused i checked and our post are def. listed from newest to oldest and there are links going to other feeds?

  3. We are a new website assisting charities raise money. Please visit us at We would love to feature your organization on our website.
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  4. This is wonderful, I love the idea and concept.
    My company raises donations for charities and we are very impressed with your organization.

    Keep up the good work, we applaud you.

    John Taylor

  5. I wish I knew about this a little over a year ago. My sister in law and her family could of used you. She passed away May 13,2008 at the age of 31 from very aggressive bone cancer. I dont remember the exact name of the cancer, but there was no cure and all it does is spread through your body. Also both of her sisters passed from cancer.

  6. Megan I'd like to introduce you to Nikea Gamby Turner @, I've been telling her about you for weeks and now it's your guys turn to contact each other!

    Kisses to you both for kicking cancer's ass!!

  7. Megan please read this story about a friend. It was just emailed to me this morning! Hopefully this article will inspire all of the spirit jumpers and those ladies who are currently kicking cancers ass!!

  8. We do a lot to help Cancer organizations. We appreciate blogs like yours and promote your audiences to use our resource as a free way to help out.

    Check us out at

  9. I am going to try and shrink your header for the blog button.

  10. Try this... :)

    Email me and i will send code to you.

  11. Are you guys still hosting Cards for Cancer Day? I can't seem to get a response from anyone and we really would like to participate in this event again this year. Please just let me know if I will need to do this on my own in my area or not. Thanks a bunch!