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Irene's Battle Become a "jumper" and send Irene a Spirit Jump

I am a 52 year old breast cancer and multiple myeloma survivor.  I had breast cancer first 8 years ago and had mastectomy with reconstruction, chemotherapy and radiation.Two years later I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma after breaking several bones. I was  treated with chemotherapy plus two stem cell transplants that achieved almost 3 years of remission. I received more chemotherapy after coming out of remission fall of 2008 until May 2009. I achieved another clinical remission but this time it left me with grade 3 neuropathy in both feet and ankles and a little in my hands.  

Now I might be coming out of remission again and I have been having GI problems because all of the meds. I have taken. But you must realize that throughout my journey, I have raised  4  wonderful children, worked fulltime for a time and started a affiliate chapter of a survivorship organization.  I have and continue to help many people go through their journey with great joy but now I feel I need a little lift but I am afraid to ask anyone. My marriage of 26 years has become a fragile, thinly cracked egg.  

My spouse has been extremely supportive of me and my journey but it is a strain sometimes for him because he takes care of sick people as a profession.  He would never not support me but I see the strain and pain he goes through as well.  Knowing that I might be facing more treatment again and not knowing the outcome, I just could use just a little uplift and I would be happy to return the favor.  I read about your organization in the Coping magazine.  I don't do well asking for help but I feel I need to this time. Thank you for coming up with this incredible genius of an idea.

Sincerely surviving,

Eric's Battle Become a "jumper" and send Eric a Spirit Jump

The Campbells Condensed version of our Journey....

At 34 years old Eric did not expect to be diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer...but here we are. After presenting to the ER on September 29th, 2010 with what they believed was a blood clot in his lung, Eric, an otherwise healthy Philadelphia Police Officer, husband, and father was told that he had colon cancer that had spread to his liver.

We are now in beginning the biggest fight of our lives-to beat cancer. Eric was diagnosed with Stage IV on October 4th, 2010, 5 days shy of our 2nd wedding anniversary. On Oct 6th he had part of his colon removed. He was released Oct 9th to seek further treatment. We chose to seek the medical help of Dr. D'Angelica at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. We went back to Dr. D'Angelica on November 2nd to see if Eric is strong enough to have his liver reresectioned. We also met with Dr. Kemeny, the Medical Oncologist who will be providing the chemo and additional treatments.

Eric's liver surgery was performed on November 16, 2010 at Memorial Sloane-Kettering in NYC. When the doctors opened  him up, they found more cancer then they anticipated and had to alter the course of action. Eric is now devastated. HE was so pumped thinking that after one surgery he would be fighting this cancer. He is now super scared. Anything that can be done to brighten his spirits would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Jeaneane (Eric's wife)

 Chrissy's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Chrissy a Spirit Jump

Hi, I am 40 years old and have Multiple Myeloma. The average person diagnosed is a 70 year old African American male. It is a blood cancer that doesn't have a cure. I was diagnosed at 36 1/2 and fell into the 1 percent who are diagnosed under the age of 40. I had a stem cell transplant in 2006 to give my blood an 'oil change'. It bought me 2 years off of chemo, but the cancer came back and I'll have to fight it for the rest of my life. My oncologist told me that I will be on chemo and steroids for the rest of my life. Once a remission is obtained it's hard to get there again. If you would like more information please visit www.myeloma.org

My son was 1 1/2 when I was diagnosed. Our lives have forever been changed by cancer. It breaks my heart that he will have to grow up without his mother. I'm not being a negative nelly, but according to statistics I'm lucky to be here. I just try to create memories and do as many fun things that I can with him. I always try to go out and do things with him. I figure that one day I'll not feel well enough to go out, so I do as much as I can. He is a great little kid who shares the travel bug with his mommy. Even with healthcare fighting cancer is expensive. We haven't been able to see as many places as I would like to, but I plan to hit every state before I kick the bucket.

Thanks for reading this. And thanks for thinking of me.

Keith M's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Keith a Spirit Jump

I am a 41 year old male. I am married. My wife's name is Christine. I have two beautiful young girls. My babies.Their names and ages are Cearra age 4 and Hailey age 2. They are what has kept me going to fight this awful disease. I am a veteran of the U.S.Navy. I served ten years. I served on shore duty in Panama during that campaign and also on my ship in the Persian Gulf.

I started experiencing severe pain in my left abdomin in January of 2009. I did not have medical insurance so I went to the VA in St.Louis and started using my benefits. They did a cxolonostimy in July 2009. That is when they found the colon cancer. Since that date I have had two surgeries and been receiving chemo. I also receive weekly injections at the VA but to be honest I am not really sure what those are for. They are not very free with the information, you have to pry it out of them. I did receive some very bad news last week. I found out that it has spread again and that I am facing going into the hospital and another surgery. To be honest this has left me very depressed and I am having a lot of trouble finding the energy to want to continue and fight. It is just so hard. I am always sick and tired.

I do not have very many specific interests. I like models to build and playing slots on my computer. Although I had to redo my computer and lost my slots game and do not have the software anymore. So I am not real happy about that. So that is me and my life.  

Tammy & Kids Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Tammy & her kids a Spirit Jump
(No Photo Provided)

Hi , My name is Tammy and My soulmate/husband was diagnosed with gastric cancer in march 2009. His name was WildBill. He battled the cancer with all his power. When he got diagnosed, retaining fluid was the only symptom. They ran tests and told us there was adenocarcinoma cells in the fluid therefore he was stage 4 incurable. That was devastating. My hunnypie was 6ft 2in, 300 lbs when he was diagnosed and I saw fear in that big mans eyes for the first time ever. But he was brave for me and my kids which he is the only father they have ever known. I remember him looking at my tear streaked face saying don't give up on me yet baby, I'm not dead yet. So we hugged and took a deep breath and signed up for chemo to battle that demon.

The chemo sometimes was worse than the pain of the cancer and I would say to him baby do you want to stop and he would say no if it can get me another month or two with you and the kids its worth it. So he battled the cancer like a hero but the cancer was aggressive. They never could find a mass only small rare cancer in the stomach but because it was in the fluid I guess it traveled everywhere. He went through a port placement, two pluerex drainage tubes that I had to drain fluid from him everyday. He went through pure hell. With the chemo and the fluid build up sometimes it was a struggle just for him to breathe but he kept fighting. The last chemo drug they tried because the others weren't working. The docetaxel, was to strong for his weak body, it messed up his electrolytes and everything started to go down hill from there. He was hospitalized in Nov and was in the ICU for 4 days. The doctor told us his kidneys were failing, he had blood clots in both legs and fluid was building up all over now. He said they could do all kinds of surgeries but that would make him suffer more and would not change the fact he had incurable cancer.

I choked on my own tears and I said to my hunny "Do you want to go home and just be comfortable?" He said "yes". I had him brought home by ambulance because he could not walk on Saturday Nov 7th at 12:00 noon and put him in his hospital bed in our living room. I got in my recliner beside him and we kissed and I told him how much I loved him and that I would always love him and he smiled and replied I know. At 11:42 Saturday night my hunny pie crossed over to be with the lord. He lost his long tiring battle with the cancer demon but he fought it as many have. Some have succeeded and some have not but they are all heroes. Me and the kids cry and cry we miss him so much but we are thankful he is in pain no more.

My kids are 15-girl, 13 -girl, 12- boy and I am 46 on the 29th of this month. So we would love to hear from others and my kids would love to get cards or treats. We like everyone right now are struggling just to stay afloat. I am disabled so my disability is the only income and it doesn't go far so any treats, gift cards for food, gas or just plain prayers would so be appreciated. Thank you for reading our personal story of how we lost our loved one. He is now our own personal angel

-hugs and love

Tammy and kids

Annette D's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Annette a Spirit Jump

I am requesting this Spirit Jump on behalf of my former roommate Julie and her mom. Julie was my roommate for 3 years in college and she is one of the most wonderful people I know. She is so full of life and is very selfless. She was a fashion design major in college and loves anything to do with fashion and sewing. Since her mom's decision to do home hospice and stop treatments Julie has taken a leave from work to help take care of her mom. She even gave up a planned trip to Europe with friends to stay home to be with her mom. She could definitely use some hope and encouragement in this rough time...being a caregiver can be pretty hard at times. She loves soccer, the show The Office, 80's movies and anything about fashion.

(written by her daughter Julie)

My mom, Annette, has been battling lung cancer since May (and probably before that). Mom made the choice to no longer go through chemo treatments a few months ago. The strongest chemo was not doing anything, it was just making her sick and really weak. She is now with Hospice and is able to be at home, which is amazing and has been a huge blessing for us. They are full of caring people that deal with situations like ours all of the time. Mom is able to manage her pain most of the time with medication, but she is still in pain some of the time. She is not very mobile, and other than a few steps, she usually uses the wheelchair. She is in good spirits most of the time, but definitely has moments when she gets depressed and scared. I am taking a leave from work for the next few months to go help her and my dad, and spend time with her. That has been another blessing...being able to do that! She loves getting cards in the mail.

David H's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send David a Spirit Jump

Hi my name is David. I am 53 years  old. I have been battling cancer for 4 yrs come this May 20th which is the same as our wedding anniversary. Not a very happy day for us. We have 2  beautiful children & 4 awesome great grandchildren. I was a policeman for 15 years till Cancer. After I was diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer I lost my home in Nebraska and my career. But I refuse to let it get me down.

I have cancer. Cancer doesn't have me! I enjoy going to church. Visiting my children & grandchildren. Our daughter & son-in-law & grandboys live in Nebraska. We try to get out once a year to see them. God bless our daughter, she pays for us to come out every time. I was just introduced to Ham Radio this past summer, it was a God send. It gets very lonely sitting at the house while Jeannine is working. Even though I do have the cats. I can`t type on the computer any longer. I have cataracts from the steroids to shrink my tumors.

I had one tumor take off back in Oct but 2 came back in it`s place. The Dr`s can`t operate on it because of the side effects. I have had my left upper lob of my lung taken out, limp nods & muscle from my shoulder. I have had 2 rounds of chemo and 33 treatments of radiation in my chest area. Then after the blood  stream took the cancer to my brain I had 2 tumors taken off at the same time and 15 treatments of radiation on my brain. Then one tumor still was acting up so the Dr did a radio tactic surgery. They placed a halo on my head and did about 20 minutes or so of radiation to that tumor. I did good for about 2 years  now they are acting up again. Like I said before they took one tumor off in Oct. and 2 came back.

But you know I have had a blessed 4 years. Lots more than some people can say. I have my wife, kids & grand kids. Most of all God. We have our church family. I got a  scooter chair to get around better. Our church built a ramp. I am in need of the hitch & lift for our 99 Ford Taurus car. Poor old car. It has  made  many many trips to Emory and it still plugs right along. Emory is 75 miles from where we live. A member in our church also put in a heater in our house. We live in my Grandmother`s old home place out in the country. No insulation so our heat goes out  the attic which the house has no facing left. So it  needs a lot of work but I am thankful we have a roof  over our heads.

Thank you  for taking the time to read my story. 

God bless you all,

David & Jeannine Hanners  

Joyce A's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Joyce a Spirit Jump

(No Photo Provided)

"I am 44 years old. Was diagnosed with stage 3 C IBC breast cancer in October 2009. Just finished 5th chemo cycle. After 3 more will have double mastectomy, ovaries removed and lymphnodes.. Then several week of radiation treatments. I am trying to stay positive through all of this , however there are still days that it is very scary.. Just happy to connect with others who understand what I am going through."

Charlie J's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Charlie a Spirit Jump

"Charlie was in remission for 2 years,  now his cancer is back and he's officially in stage 4b of Thymic Carcinoma, his wife has been going through her own medical issues.  His wife, Michelle is going to have open heart surgery in February. Michelle couldn't help Charlie during his treatment last time because she was recovering from brain surgery.  Charlie is a big Toronto maple leafs fan and  a hockey fan in general.

Charlie & Michelle would really love your cards"  

David D's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send David a Spirit Jump

"David is a 33 year old man who lives, loves, and appreciates life to the fullest.  In July of 2007 he was diagnosed with stage IV High Grade Pleomorphic Soft Tissue Sarcoma (cancer) after nearly one full year of misdiagnosis.  He has endured numerous surgeries including two major lung surgeries and two craniotomies.  He has received two rounds of chemotherapy and three rounds of radiation.  Currently David has cancerous activity in his brain, lungs, renal area, adrenal glands, back, and peritoneum.  Against all odds, he continues to fight tooth and nail giving sarcoma a run for its money despite his poor prognosis.

David is married to Amy (30) and together they have two adorable dogs, Vinnie and Libby who they consider their children.  Together they call Northern Kentucky their home living just 10 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio. "

Luke F's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Luke a Spirit Jump

"Our lives were forever changed on December 12, 2008. What started as a visit to our pediatrician for a suspicious bump in Luke’s upper thigh, turned into an early morning appointment with surgeons, specialists, an ultrasound and MRI and then, a cancer diagnosis. Luke is currently fighting stage 4 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS), a rare and aggressive pediatric cancer. Rhabdo accounts for only 4% of all pediatric cancers.

Since then, Luke has fought EVERY SINGLE DAY to beat cancer. He has never said no. He has carried on with hope, joy, laughter, and tenacity uncommon in someone so young. And, we are so blessed and proud to say that he is winning. After just 6 weeks the tumor had shrunk 75.3%. After 19 weeks, it had shrunk another 18% and the lung mets were no longer active. On October 26, 2009 we got the news that LUKE IS CANCER FREE! His lungs looked totally normal and the primary tumor was GONE. This is indeed a miracle- the result of the healing power of prayer and modern medicine. Luke still has another 14 weeks of treatment, including 16 more doses of chemotherapy.
For the last year, Luke has endured countless chemo treatments, 5 hospital stays for bacterial infections, 8 transfusions, breathing treatments, blood draws and pokes, X-rays, tests, and the biggest hurdle of all, 6 weeks of radiation which required daily sedation.

Cancer impacts an entire family, not just the patient. Luke is a proud big brother to Connor, who is 21 months old. This past year has been hard on Connor, too. He has been shuffled around to daycare, grandma’s, and various friends’ houses with really no routine or schedule. He has persevered, too. We are blessed that he is so flexible, happy, loving, kind, and snuggly. Connor’s easy going spirit has made this past year a little more bearable.

Thank you for remembering our family in your prayers."


Sean, Monica, Luke and Connor Fochtman
Choose joy!

Luke loves to do puzzles and board games, draw, and color. His favorite characters are Sid the Science Kid, SuperWhy, Handy Manny, and Bob the Builder. Connor loves animals, bugs, Elmo, and books.

Sara H's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Sara a Spirit Jump
"Sara is a 26 year old woman who was diagnosed with Hodgkins' Lymphoma in Oct '07. She went through 6 months of chemo (ABVD) and then was healthy for 6 months until having a relapse in Oct '08. She begins her first, and more aggressive, treatment (ICE) this week which will be a 3 day inpatient treatment. This will be repeated 3 weeks after. Then, 3 weeks after that she will begin a 5+ week inpatient treatment at a hospital in NYC during which she will undergo stem cell transplantation as well as aggressive radiation.

Sara is a wonderful person and a wonderful girlfriend who is honestly one of the most charismatic and jovial people you will meet. However, she has much apprehension regarding her aggressive relapse treatment and her long inpatient hospital stay to come. She loves cards and little gifts. A friend of hers, who we met through the Lukemia & Lymphoma society and who has just gotten through the exact same treatment that Sara is going through, had someone sign her up for this site while she was undergoing treatement and really enjoyed it.

Please consider Sara for the program."


Diana L's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Diana a Spirit Jump
"Hello, my name is Dianna and I am 28 years old. I am actually requesting a Spirit Jump for myself. I feel a little bad requesting one but I really am in need of one.

In 2007 i went to my primary care physician because I had the flu. I couldn't see my primary physician because he was busy so i saw the other physician at that office. he walked in and looked directly at my chart and asked how i was doing and what i was in for. As he looked up to smile at me, the doctor squinted his eyes and tilted his head as if he saw. I told him i had the flu and need antibiotic. He was still staring at my neck and he asked me if I had evey had problems with my thyroid. To be honest I didn't really know what a thyroid was at the time. He told me that my neck was swollen and that he wanted to send me for a ultrasound just to make sure. This is where my life would drastically change and I had NO idea!!

I went for a ultrasound and I was sent to an Endoconologist. He then told me that there was a small mass in my thyroid and that I need to have a biopsy done to make sure it wasn't cancer …"CANCER???" i thought…. the word that whole word dreads!! i went through 2 biopsies and was told that it was benine and I celebrated!!

In 2008 my endocrinologist told me that the mass was getting bigger so it was best to take it out. So on August 6th 2008 I had the left part of my thyroid removed. On August 7th I was recovering in the hospital when I got a visit from my surgeon. The news hit me like it was the end of the world. My biggest fear became reality. The thyroid they removed was sent to be analyzed and it was clear… it was CANCER!! My world came crashing down. Two weeks after my surgery I had to have another surgery and have a total thyroidectemy. The good news is that the surgeons got it all out. The cancer was inside the thyroid so it didn't spread.

Now I am stuck with medical tests every year. I have to have a total body scan and go through a radioactive iodine treatment. I have one already last November and am currently going through my second one. I feel so depressed and tired during the 2 week preparation of the treatment and not able to eat with my family only makes me feel worse. (I am on a strict Low Iodine diet) This year I have to have thyrogen injections and I am hopeing they are not as painful as I think they are. However, I know I am soo blessed because so many people out that aren't as lucky as I was.

The problem I am having is that I don't know how to live after having cancer. I am scared of it coming back and maybe coming back as a worse cancer. I am also not having a easy time accepting the look of my scar, and having trouble being active again. I tend to stay at home more than i would before. I just need a little help with getting through it all. I am a student and I am having so many problems with concentration and staying focused. It has gotten so bad that I have had to take a leave of absence and this caused my financial aide to be taken away. I don't know what to do and how to think.

Please, all I am asking for is some words of wisdom and to feel like myself again. I take care of my grandma who is 82 and I just can't afford to make any mistakes with her. I feel lost in a world of confusion and fear. Maybe you can show my the path to shed some light on my shadow filled world."

Angel M's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Angel a Spirit Jump


"Hello my name is Angel and I am a married mother of 3 ages 8,10 and 12. I have been battling Cervical Cancer since 2002. I was in remission for the last 4 years with paps every 3 months. The first procedure that was done was biopsies of my cervix and then after that I had about 80% of my cervix removed but now they have found more cancer in the last two months. I had a biopsy that came back a carcinoma in situ stage 4.

Now I will be undergoing either a full historectomy or other treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy. The doctors are waiting on some more testing to comae back from other areas of my body. There might be some other areas as well. We are praying that will not be the case. Me, my husband and three kids would love to be able to just have a wonderful Christmas. My kids are wanting toys, psp's (video game), and game systems. We are also in desperate need of clothes(all of us).

My son who is 8 is named John, my son named Rafael is 10 and my daughter is 12 named Destiny. They are our blessings and wish for them no concerns and to be happy around Christmas. They have been going through a lot just like we do and they deserve a break from all this sadness as well. We just want a day of care free and happiness.

Me and my husband are feeling really sad because we won't be able to give them anything and they are fine with that but we still want them to be able to celebrate Christmas so please help our family and be our heroes."  

Brian S's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Brian a Spirit Jump

"My name is Pam, I am a spiritjumper and am requesting this jump for a good friend of mine.  I connected with Brian, a fellow jumper, through SpiritJump's FaceBook site.  He has also been fighting his own battle for several years off and on with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma B cancer that had metastasized  to stomach, pelvis, and neck.  The issues he now deals with mainly focus on repairing the damage to these areas caused by the radiation and treatments.

Brian has made a documentary Beyond Dreamland about his experiences with cancer and treatments.  He is currently filming Mindscapes, the proceeds to be donated to various cancer organizations.  Brian has also lost many close friends to cancer.  His passion is to help others that are fighting this battle.  He is a caring, positive, compassionate man that has handled his own battle with courage, grace, and this great sense of humor that never ceases to amaze me.  Even when I told him I wanted to request this jump, his first concern was he didn't want to take away jumps from others that he felt needed them more.

Most recently, he has had 2 surgeries this past summer (July and August).  His last surgery in Aug09 was to repair damage caused from previous cancer treatments to the discs in his lower back.  He is trying to recover and recuperate to prepare for another surgery coming up in the first week of Dec09 for discs in his neck.  It has been a slow recovery from this last surgery and he is dealing with some constant and intense pain.  At this time they are trying to control this with meds and other therapies.
Brian is currently still working on the film Mindscapes,  directing, shooting, acting…and editing while in this pain, and mind fog from the pain meds.  The colder weather is making the pain more difficult to manage.   Even though he remains positive, upbeat, and downplays all he has to deal with, this has taken it's toll on him, both physically and emotionally.  Brian is in low spirits right now and I would love for him to get a "boost" from spirit jumpers before he faces this next surgery letting him know he is not alone.  I know it will help him  and will go far in supporting him with his recovery.

I know that his days have been long and hard and draining, much more so than he will admit most of the time.  Receiving Spirit Jumps would put a smile on his face, brighten his day, lighten his spirits, and be greatly appreciated.  The positive, loving support would help provide him with focus and motivation for continuing his work.  I've also created a "fan page" on FaceBook  as a place to leave messages and support.  If you are on FB, search "Brian's We Care Club" and become a fan :)

Brian is a filmmaker and a professional musician (drummer), he also composes and produces music for film, he loves poetry, photography, animals and the color blue."

Ronnie  F's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Ronnie a Spirit Jump

"Ronnie was and is a normal seven year old boy. He loves to run around with his brother Nicholas (9) and his 2 sisters Stephanie(19) and Makayla(11). Play army well actually Marines with his nerf guns, swim in his pool and playing with his four dogs Chewy, Duck, Yahtzee and Doozer. Who have been by his side every single moment of everyday. They have even came and barked at us to go in his room to us finding him sleeping but burning up with a fever.

Ever since he was able to talk, Ronnie has ALWAYS had an obsession with Fireman and being a firefighter. He has never changed his mind he has always wanted to be and will be a fireman. He loves being in school. Was even in the Accerlarated Reader Program.  He was never sick or absent he had perfect attendence awards up till this.. He enjoyed hanging out and playing with all his friends and secret agents lol.

Then on May 24th i decided to cut his hair with a pair of buzzers he kept complaining his neck hurt...We ask where and he pointed to the bottom of his neck by his clavicle ...we noticed Little swelling and a tiny pea sized lump.  Upon seeing that I took him to the urgent care center.They did blood work, streph test and a chest x-ray.  The next thing i was told was to go over to Levine children's center to get a chest CAT SCAN.  They did more blood work also.  After the chest CAT Scan they told me that Ronnie had to be admitted.. Said it was a bacteria, virus or an infection.  After two days of more blood work and no answers they said they had to do a biopsy.  So on May 28th 2009.  He went into the OR to have a biopsy.  The Doctor came out after and that's when we were told that Ronnie had lymphoma.  He couldn't tell us what kind till the pathology reports come back.  The next day on May 29th Ronnie was diagnosed at stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma. That was the day our worlds turned upside down.

We had to go from a 2 income family down to one which is mine because I have the medical and someone had to be with Ronnie since he was pulled from school due to risk of infections and could not be put into daycare.  I could only work around all the hospital stays, tests and dr.appts. so that was very limited as well. We were lucky to even make our rent and I had to continuously make arrangements with the utilitiy company not to turn our power off.  You could not imagine what it felt like.  Many nights I cried and prayed at ronnie’s bedside to please get us through this.  Trying to keep our family together, roof over our head and support Ronnie and 3 other children,  Scared is not the word horrified is more like it.  Ronnie has been through 8 days of chemo every month for 5 months along with 57 days of radiation everyday for 57 days. Although he was put into remission as of Nov 5th we know the chances of it returning are very high.  As for my other children they have been so great through this trying to lift his spirits when he felt ill.  Watching him lay on the bathroom floor sick from the chemo.  Crying from the radiation burns.  Getting nasty comments at school from cruel kids.  But everyday they never complained they kept up with their work and even helped as much as possible."

Thank you so so very much.

Clyde  C's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Clyde a Spirit Jump

"This will most likely be my husbands (Clyde, age 58) last Christmas. Clyde, my husband of 29 years was diagnosed in May 2008 with Pancreatic Cancer Stage 3.  He has battled many tumors and in January 2009 it was stage 4. 6 weeks ago the doctor did a CT and the tumors in the liver are growing again, so this is not good.  The doctor said 3 months without chemo and then 3 months with chemo.  My husband goes every two weeks for treatment at the Zangmeister Center. He gets F5 Fushion 46 hours of chemo. Clyde has a port so he gets 3 hours of chemo at the center and the other 43 hours are at home with a pump that he carries around.  The Doctor is going to do another CT on the 22 of December and I hope its not more bad news.

My husband played Santa 4 years ago for all 20 grandchildren then, now 21.  Clyde loves Christmas and I would love it to be a very special day this year.  Clyde likes DVD movies, Candy (runts or lemon heads and friends-cherry flavored) He likes fishing, hunting and spending time with his family. He has lost so much weight that he needs clothing, white crew socks, briefs size small, he likes Levi Jeans size 29-30, Tshirts, small. "

Thank you for reading my story, God Bless You all. 

Lewis B's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Lewis a Spirit Jump


"My husband and I have been married 35 yrs. and have 5 beautiful children. April 13th my husband, Lewis was diagnosed with mixed small cell lung cancer, the doctors told us this was a very fast spreading cancer and there was no cure, but they were going to give him 6 rounds of chemo. We were warned that their hope was this would extend his life a little longer, but it would not cure the cancer. That with this type of cancer only about 1 percent went into remission and in his case remission was not likely.

Due to Lewis being so sick and weak, chemo had to be stopped after 5 rounds. On Nov. 4th when the Doctors did more test it showed the cancer was spreading at a fast rate, this is when they suggested Hospice be called in. Lewis has good days and bad days, but he tries very hard to make the most of his good days. He has always been a wonderful husband and a great father, he is so loving and caring. He enjoys watching sports, football, baseball, basketball, and Nascar racing.

This has been so very hard on our family, one day his life is normal and then thinking he'd pulled a muscle he went to the doctor, who sent him for an xray, and the next day he got a call that changed his whole life."

Krystyna P's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Krystyna a Spirit Jump


"My mom and her partner Ernie have been together for the last 20 years, nine under the same roof.  She is nearly blind and he has Alzheimers.  Together, they have managed to stay independent and support one another through many trials.  Ernie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer about a month ago and is declining fast.  He is at home with my mom and we have hospice support as well as friends and family traveling to be with her as we can.  She is alone in El Paso.  My mom could really use some reasons to smile.

Please send cards of support . Please write in large letters.  Mom loves flowers of all kinds.  And  thank you!"

Suzanne B's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Suzanne a Spirit Jump


"My mother is fifty-five years old. Our family consist of her my father myself and my older brother. My father is in end stage renal failure and my brother has a closed head injury. She has ovarian cancer it has metastasized to her pancreas, kidneys, and her abdominal wall. She has had surgery undergone chemotherapy and radiation. She has been fighting it for the last six years. She enjoys her computer and spending time with her family. Some things she would like for christmas include warm pajamas she wears size 28s she enjoys bath supplies. Mystery books sweaters 26/28 size. She would also like a boom box. But she would appreciate greatly anything. I know it is cliché but my mother has a heart of gold and if she had the means would do anything for anyone almost to a fault.  She is a christian woman. We almost lost her three weeks ago due to kidney failure and I would love for her to have a merry christmas this year. Thank you and happy holidays."

Brandi's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Brandi a Spirit Jump

"Well…this is definitely a new chapter in my life. I'll give you a little history of me. I am 33 years old . I am happily married to a wonderful, caring & supportive husband. I have 3 children. ….an 18 year old step-son, a 9 year old daughter, and a 3 year old son. they are all wonderful kids (even with their 'moments' ) :)

In August I went to the Dr. for an ultrasound of my breast. ( I had felt a lump & have a very strong family history of breast cancer) Once in the office, I was examined by 3 different doctors, had an immediate ultrasound, a core biopsy that didn't go well because of the location of my lump, and a fine needle biopsy. I pretty much knew then that it was cancerous because of the terminology they used..(starburst appearance,,irregular border). I had to wait a week for my results and then they told me that it was cancer & that I needed a bi-lateral mastectomy . (both boobs removed) I was a DD chest my entire adult life , so this was very shocking, but nothing I argued with, as this is my life! :)…

I am familiar with cancer as my mom was diagnosed 12 years ago with stage 3b breast cancer. she underwent 42 radiation treatments, 4 high beam doses, 4 rounds of very strong chemo, a bone marrow & stem cell transplant, and a clinical trial. She suffered horribly, but came through it. I was her sole caretaker, and it was daunting to say the least for her & I. She went in remission several years later & since then, has had cancer come back in her tonsils & adenoids..that was removed, and she is still going strong…doing very well & is cancer free at the moment!! :)

………back to my story..lol

I had my bi-lateral mastectomy on September 18..(12 years to the day after my mom had hers). I went home the next day with 52 staples and 2 drains, which were removed 2 weeks later. I went through this really well!! My hardest thing has been emotionally..anxiety attacks & such, but I have been doing much better with that.I found out then that I would have to have chemo because I am strongly positive for the HER2/neu gene which makes cancer very aggressive, and spread very quickly. I have had a surgery to place my medi-port already. that thing is so aggravating. I have had a pet ct, and a muga scan to check my heart. My regimen for chemo is taxotere, carboplatin & herceptin. 6 months of all of them & another 6months of the herceptin.

We are all doing well, but It is such an adjustment for the kids. My husband has been ill for a year now following a back surgery in august of 08. his pancreas reacted to the anesthesia (which is rare), and he has undergone several surgeries & ICU stays since then. The back surgery was not succesful, and he still needs another. We have traveled back & forth to New Orleans (which is 2 1/2 hrs away) lots this past year to see his surgeons and specialists . We have had to leave the kids behind a lot which is the hardest of all of this. Needless to say, we are tired ,and have been through a lot, but we have stayed strong, and the love is still as strong in this family as it has always been, Thank you God for each of us!

We do have a rough road ahead. I will sign off now, as I have rambled on & on, but this has been very therapuetic for me, as my children are too young to confide in, and my hubby worries so much!!

Thanks for the outlet. Brandi"

Ginger's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Ginger a Spirit Jump

"49 years old with 3 non supportive brothers.  I have stage 4 Breast cancer spread to the bones.  I get a monthly bone treatment called Zunada and am currently taking xeluda, oral chemo drugs, my cancer began in October 2000."

Linda's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Linda a Spirit Jump

"I am 57 years old and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I have been married for 35 years. My family and friends are very supportive. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2008 at stage 2C or 3A. I never asked which stage I was. I had 5 positive lymph nodes. I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I am currently on Armidex for at least 5 years. I love all sorts of animals and my dogs and cats are very special to me. I continue to have neuropathy in my feet and hands from the Taxol I received as a chemotherapy. "

Bob's Battle - Become a "jumper" and send Bob a Spirit Jump

"Bob, 74, is an artist retired from ATT. His book, Star Walker, was dedicated to his youngest son Mark who died in 2004 at 36. Mark had battled schitzophrenia since 19. We began Bob's move to Fairhope, AL Mother's Day weekend, 2008 then returned to Atlanta where I lived.

8/3/8 I took Bob to the ER saying something was horribly wrong, Bob was lost while driving. We spent an hour with a neurologist, CT scan completed; "depression/anxiety, go home". We did, then drove back to Ala 8/6...Bob became worse; we saw a young doc who did an MRI: dual lobe brain cancer.

We married the next day 8/14. Bob's brain biopsy was 8/18 followed by two weeks in the hospital, unsure if he would respond. He came back with short term memory impairment BUT he can walk, talk, paint & with lots of work can play his beloved keyboard again. He has completed 13 rounds of chemo, each requiring a week in the hospital. The tumors have responded well to methotrexate, shrunk considerably while taking a toll on his kidneys, energy & spirit.

The many cards that arrived early in Bob's treatment have trickled to one every month or so. His spirit is failing. Bob is such a delightful person yet I see him vanishing before my eyes.

I am hoping Jump Spirit will jump HIS spirit. His next chemo is due 11/2 if the next MRI on 10/15 is clear otherwise it will be immediate. Bob plays the keyboard, loves Jazz, Golf & digging in the dirt."

Thank you, Helen

Caringbridge Page:


Amy's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Amy Bryant a Spirit Jump

"I got diagnosed this last April 2009 with Invasive ductal breast cancer in my right breast. I will be 38 in November and have two boys and my loving husband. My oldest is almost 7 and my youngest is 3. My mom died with the same kind of cancer almost 11 years ago and I saw her go through all of her treatments and we were very close. I got tested for the gene and it came up negative - - whew!

My team of doctors at MD Anderson started me on chemo shortly after diagnoses and I've got two more treatments before surgery in December. I'm not sure if I will have to have radiation yet or not, but have elected to have a double masesctomy so that I won't have to worry every year for the rest of my life whether or not it has spread to the other side. If I do have to have radiation, I will be away from my family for 6 or 7 weeks, which will be the hardest thing for me. You see, we live in Montana and MD Anderson is in Texas.

The thing that I miss the most since starting treatments is my HAIR. I had a full and thick head of hair and it was my "comfort zone." When I felt negative about any other part of my body I could always say my hair was beautiful. So, I'm looking forward to it growing back soon! I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror, but at least I have LIFE! I am a christian and believe that God is going to heal me.

My other little love is my black pug, Lulu. She will be two on Valentine's Day and is so sassy! I do love dogs!"


CJ's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send CJ a Spirit Jump

"After struggling for over six months with intense back and stomach pain that would come and go, multiple doctors appointments and emergency room visits, 9 year old CJ was unexpecteedly diagnosed with Stage 3 Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in September 2008. He went from a routine MRI to an emergency transfer to the Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital in Hollywod, FL where he was admitted and immediately placed on a two year chemotherapy regimen.

Words like cancer, chemotherapy, bone marrow, and spinal taps were not even a part of his vocabulary at that time.

His mom and dad could not believe they were watching their son play flag football two weeks before and now he was lying in a hospital fighting for his life.

CJ struggled not with accepting the cancer diagnosis, but with accepting the isolation and changes cancer treatments and low immunities often bring. He missed his friends, attending church, playing sports and being active. CJ struggled with losing his hair and the physical changes and challenges chemotherapy brings. CJ found great comfort in his faith and was encouraged by the letters and kindness received during those initial and scary days of diagnosis. But his battle is not over. He still has a year to go. He still has to be poked and scanned and tested and put to sleep on regular basis. We remind him he is not alone. There are many other kids out here battling cancer and we remind him that people care!

CJ's three siblings also struggled with the changes having a sibling with cancer brings. The fear of the unknown and sacrifices necessary effected the entire family. We have learned cancer is a family disease and effects each member uniquely.

Thank you for sharing his story through Spirit Jump

You can read more about CJ at www.georgefamilyblog.com where his family shares his journey from the very beginning in a powerful and raw way that will challenge and inspire you."

Dylan's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Dylan a Spirit Jump

"My name is Chrissy and I heard about your Spirit Jump from another mom, Beth Mancuso. My 7 year old son Dylan was diagnosed with high-risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on December 1st, 2008. He is currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy which will continue for another 3 years. He will also get radiation to the brain for 2 weeks during one of his later phases of treatment because of having leukemia cells in the spinal fluid.

It has been a rather rough road for Dylan, and really the whole family, as he has to go in for treatments 3-5 times weekly and has had many hospital stays. Dylan seems to be particularly sensitive to the chemotherapy and has experienced many side effects from heart damage to peripheral neuropathy to the more typical nausea, vomiting, tiredness and hair loss.

He's been bald since the second week of treatment. Due to his intense treatments, he has been unable to attend school and many times cannot even really leave the house due to his low blood counts and compromised immune system. Dylan is a child that loves to laugh.

He loves jokes, funny books, movies and video games. His favorite characters are Mario and Luigi (the Mario Brothers) and Tom and Jerry. He likes to play board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers and is learning to play Chess. He has a 3 year old little brother, Derek, who likes to play with tractors, trucks and trains with Dylan. Dylan's other love is cooking. He is well-known about the hospital because of all his cookbooks.

He frequently will share favorite recipe's with staff members and we enjoy cooking together as a family when he is at home. My husband, Josh, works in construction currently, but is also going to school to become a paramedic and I used to work as a veterinary technician before having to take an extended leave of absence when Dylan got sick.

Please feel free to visit our website at www.caringbridge.org/visit/dylankinsey for pictures and to read more about Dylan's battle against Cancer. Thank you."

Jan's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jan a Spirit Jump

"Hello, my name is Jan Welch and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, February of 2008. I found the lump myself, I was only 36 years old. Once I found it, I couldn't believe how big it was and how I could have missed something so obvious, but somehow I did. I first heard the news when I was at work. I had already seen the doctor that morning, but my results weren't in yet and I told her to call me so that I wouldn't have to pay for another doctors visit.

I live 18 miles from where I work, so it was a long hard drive home. I cried the entire way home, all day long, then cried myself to sleep. My husband had to make all the calls to family & friends for me because I just couldn't speek. Before I went to sleep, I prayed to God to help me and heal me because I know that he won't give me more than I can handle. By morning, I had cried all my tears and said, okay God, not much I can do about this situation, what's next? And I let God take care of it.

My first visit to a surgeon was what I thought was good news … all I needed was a lumpectomy and radiation. I thought, great that shouldn't be too difficult. But something told me to get a second opinion and I'm thankful that I did even though the news wasn't what I wanted to hear. My results were worse than we thought ... I was told that I needed Chemo right away, then a mastectomy, then radiation. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and it had spred to my left femor. The Radiologist showed me all my pictures and I couldn't believe my eyes. I totally wasn't expecting that! I had Chemo from April of 2008 until August 2008. My PET/CT Scan in August showed no cancer, we were estatic!

So I had my mastectomy in September 2008, then started my radiation in October 2008. I had been having PET/CT Scans every three months and had been doing well since my surgery until January 2009. Cancer had shown back up on my femor again, plus two new places (my pelvic bone and one of my ribs). I totally shut down for several weeks. I felt like that I should be planning my funeral. My husband and I were terrified. But one day, we both heard God voice again saying "Trust in Him".

In April 2009 and August 2009, I had my PET/CT Scan and it showed NO CANCER both times. So, I'm just on Antibodies and Bone Health infusions hoping that will do the trick. If not, I will be back on Chemo for a very long time. I'm still fighting my cancer. Most days, I do really well, but some days I still get really, really scared. I could definitely use a Spirit Jump to help remind me that life is great, I'm not alone, and that life is a gift from God. Sometimes I forget. My husband of 13 years, Sutton, could also use a Spirit Jump because he has been there for me every step of the way.

We could use your prayers for spiritial, emotional, physical and financial healing. We also need prayers and a jump because my husband and I would love to adopt a child/children someday. We pray for my cancer to disappear so that we can start a family. I love Angels, art and music. My husband loves Harleys and the Gators. But mostly, we love to spend time with each other and with family and friends. So to all of my cancer brothers and sisters, I wish all of you health and happiness."

Joan's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Joan a Spirit Jump

"My name is Laura and I am the proud daughter of a wonderful mother for 47 years. Mom has stage IV breast cancer which has mets to lungs, bones and liver. We never had money our whole family life. Struggle and stress day after day.

Before mom passes, I want to see her smile every day. I would love to take her out to dinner and chat. She also needs a warm down comforter and slippers. I also care for my disabled husband who has had 3 strokes due to type 1 diabetes. I struggle every day to care for mom and Mike. Little to no money for prescriptions, I am so concerned and worried as mom has no life insurance and there is no money for a beautiful Christian Mass which she loves going to church every Sunday.

I hope and pray for angels out there who can help put a smile on moms face or perhaps help us in any way. I always do my best to pay it forward. God Bless and love, Laura"

Kim's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Kim a Spirit Jump

"I am 38 years old. I have four children, ages 19-14. I was diagnosed in August 2009 with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I had surgery on August 21st for a hysterectomy and removal of my tubes and ovaries. The type of cancer I have is ovarian papillary serous carcinoma and it has spread to my lymph nodes. So far, my organs all look good but there is extensive spread to the nodes. I begin chemotherapy on September 16th and the doctors have said it will be a minimum of 6 treatments given every 3-4 weeks."

Destiny's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Destiny a Spirit Jump

“My daughter Destiny is 9 and she has Neurofibromatosis (Nf). All I do is tell her story and I spread awareness to whoever will listen. You would be surprised how many doctors and nurses that don't know what Nf is for instance here is my daughter's story.

Destiny was 10 months old when she was trying to walk. She took 2 or 3 steps and then she sat in the floor crying, there was nothing I could do to console her. Finally, after a while, I took her to the emergency room. While there they examined her and found that she had multiple fractures in her right leg and they saw the cafe au lait spots and said that they were bruises after she was misdiagnosed for child abuse.

Child Protective Services took her away and 2 days later she was seen by an orthopedic who diagnosed her with Nf. Her broken leg was tibial dysplasia and psuedoathrosis which is a congenital bone defect that sometimes occurs with NF. That's how I found out my daughter had Nf.

Destiny has had several surgeries to repair her leg but none of them helped and 2 years ago when she was 7 she had her foot amputated and she now wears a prosthetic leg as a result. She was also sent to a neurologist who found the tumor on her brain stem and the optic glioma on her left optic nerve. My daughter has to have a MRI every 6 months.

All I do is tell her story. I do it because I want the world to know what nf is. If the world knows there can be no more mistakes.

Destiny likes to read, draw, sing ,dance. She loves babies and video games and loves animals.

for all Destiny goes through she is a true inspiration to everyone. She may have Neurofibromatosis but that doesn't stop her from striving to be that best that she can be everyday and touching everyones life in the process."

Amanda's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Amanda a Spirit Jump

"My sister told me about this organization and I wanted to let you know a little about me.

My name is Amanda Pearson,36, single mom of two kids, and I live in Azle, Texas. I have been battling cervical cancer for the better part of a year. My cancer began as a tumor but spread from my cervix, to my pelvis, to my lower intestines; spleen, liver, and colon. My doctors performed a hysterectomy and have had me undergo chemo and radiation treatments. For now, I have been given a few weeks off; however, I will be heading back to the doctor for the port and begin more chemo.

I have had to move into my mom's small home because of my cancer, so she can take care of me. We are struggling to make the best of the circumstance. I try keep my spirits high but I know as this illness progresses it may become very hard to do so. I truly believe on being positive and fighting for overcome this illness.

What I am really dealing with is boredom and lack of stimulation. I loved my job and since I have had to give it up I find the days linger on. We live out in the country and there is just not a lot of things to do out here. I do enjoy simply things ... my interests and hobbies lie in animals such as big cats; lions, panthers, tigers. I like the colors: orange, black, red, and brown

Finally, I know the power of many prayers and faith can overcome anything. I honestly want to thank you and make you realize how important your help and efforts are to me."

Tamara's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Tamara a Spirit Jump

"Hi my name is Tamara and I am a mom of 6 grown kids and a grandmother of 10 wonderful grandchildren. I am 43 and have been suffering from a rare heart disease since the age of 27. Four years ago it got the best of me and I was unable to work anymore. One day I was working and the next my cardiologist was telling me to stay home. I filed for disability and even with the recommendation from my physician it was caught up in red tape. We used all of our 401K funds to try and stay afloat...unfortunately we lost everything we owned. Our dream home we had just purchased two years before and everything.

A month later my disability came through. The reason it was held up was because of my age they had flagged it to be reviewed but I feel things happen for a reason. We packed up and moved to Warsaw. Bought a house that needed torn down and my husband by himself is re-building a house for us that is handicap accessible for me. But with limited income it is going very very slow. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful man Martin. He has never been anything but positive through all of this. I don't think I could have made it through all of this without him.

My cardiologist is in Kansas City so it's a 4 hour round trip to see him and I have two other doctors in Kansas City also. I am the only patient he has with this specific heart disease so through trial and error and seminars he attends through the mayo-clinic and others we do our best to control it. It affects all my systems functions and the nervous system. The thing that bothers me the most is my memory loss and not being able to walk very far. I have 10 grandchildren and would love to do more with them. I go once a week for IV's for fluid replacement. I take many medications.

I am supposed to be going to the mayo-clinic soon but they want me to go un-medicated so that should be an interesting drive but with a team of experts I am very interested in seeing what they discover. Oh and wouldn't it be wonderful if they discover one single pill to cure it! I know I am dreaming. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. My motto for enduring all of this is " When you feel like giving up-remember why you held on for so long in the first place". I have 10 wonderful reasons to try and beat this. Best wishes to all...Tamara"

Stephanie's Family Needs Our Help

"Hi, my name is Stephanie Bingham. A few months ago my sister Teresa was told that she had breast cancer. It ended up spreading to her bones and several parts of her body in a very short time. I automatically freaked out. I watched my dad die in April 2008 and saw my grandma die in front of me Christmas Eve of 2006. I figured my sister would be next and I was scared. She was the sister that I always turned to when I needed help. Then the doctors told her that she would probably only live for a year.

I turn19 in a few weeks and have seen more deaths in my family in the past 10 years than most people have witnessed in 20 years. I have a younger brother who is only 14. Our family is now battling financial difficulties and I am putting myself through college. I currently don't live with my family because I am attending college but every time I see them I can tell my sister is dying. I also believe it is killing my mother. Every time I get a little bit of money I try to help as much as I can.

I was really reluctant to ask for a Spirit Jump for myself because I know there are people out there that need the compassion more than I do but things lately have been pretty rough and I have become less stubborn and am now asking. I know there are amazing people out there that care and I thank all of you. I requested a Spirit Jump for my sister a little while ago and she just adored all of the things she received and that made me smile.

Since I am asking for a Spirit Jump for myself I might as well tell you that I love the color purple and horses. I enjoy reading romantic novels and am completely obsessed with anything Twilight or Harry Potter. Again, I thank all of you for everything you did for my sister and know she would love to see that more people are thinking of her in this time of desperation.

My sister Teresa has just learned a few weeks ago that she only has about a year left. It has taken a toll on her and my mother. I am also asking for a spirit jump for them. My mother, Janet Bingham, has lost a lot of her family within the past few years including her mother and husband and now watches as her child dies everyday. I know she would appreciate a Spirit Jump. She is an amazing mother and has always been there for us kids whenever we needed her. In fact my whole family is living with her right now excluding me. She is having a hard time feeding everyone that is living with her right now because she is living off of social security and food stamps. She likes the color purple and unicorns. She is pretty much obsessed with her yahoo games that she has bought from Wal-Mart in the past and that's pretty much what keeps her sane.

My sister, Teresa Dinoffri, is the mother of a two year old daughter. I am afraid that one day her daughter, Rosemary, is going to wake up and mommy won't be there to hold her anymore. Rosemary loves Dora the Explorer and Barney. She loves the color pink and any stuffed animal. Teresa loves dolphins, angels, the color blue, and romance novels. I know they would love to know there are people out there that care. If you can send them something, that would make me happy too."

Lisa's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Lisa a Spirit Jump

"Hi, my name is Lisa. I was first diagnosed when I was 32 years old with Breast Cancer. I was stage 3b Her2 positive. I went through all of the surgeries (double mastectomy, reconstruction and then removal of implant on radiated side because of lack of blood supply and infection) chemo (Adryamicin and Taxol and then 52 weeks of Herceptin) and radiation to left chest wall and neck because I had postive lymph nodes) to eliminate the cancer. I was almost to my 5 year mark and I started to develop severe headaches. My doctor thought I had a sinus infection. I had an MRI on a Wednesday they found a lesion on my brain and swelling. Tuesday I was mapped for surgery and then on Friday I had the craniotomy. In January of 2008 I found out the cancer had gone to my brain. After spending 7 days in the intensive care unit recovering we were on the uphill swing. I had 7 weeks of whole brain radiation and lost my hair on the left side. The hair has never grown back there so I have to wear hats all of the time. Somedays it is nice to just get up and put a hat on, but there are other days that I miss doing my hair and thinking that I looked normal.

Now this year in April we found the cancer has gone to my bones. It is in my right hip. I had 25 rounds of radiation for my hip and then my oncologist put me back on Herceptin every 3 weeks and also added Zometa for every 3 weeks. The medicine gives me a fever and bone pain, but it only lasts for a couple of days then I start to feel a little better. I always seem to be tired, but my doctor says that I have been through 3 rounds of radiation (left chest wall and neck, brain, and right hip) that I should expect that. It is hard some days because I wish I had the energy I use to so I could do all of the things I loved without being tired all of the time.

Today I had another infusion and oncology appointment and found out that the CT scan that I had on Friday showed swelling on the brain again. I think this is now going to be the 4th round of (the big "C"). I always read this quote from Mother Teresa "I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much". I know that whatever happens I will have to stay positive it just gets hard sometimes. I have a wonderful support system with my husband, Michael, of 14 years and my son, Tyler, who is 13. I would not make it everyday if it was not for their love and support. I just wished they could have a somewhat normal life and not have to worry about me so much. I believe I will be on infusions the rest of my life so I do not take one single minute for granted. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because prayer is a powerful thing!"

Suzy's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Suzy a Spirit Jump

"Hi, I'm Suzy, 34 years old and a fighter/survivor of Renal Cell Carcinoma. My cancer was an incidental finding when I was hospitalized last September with cellulitis in my stomach. Luckily, the doctor pushed for me to have a CT scan. 

In December of 2008, I had a right open nephrectomy. They left my adrenal gland and we are keeping a very close eye on it as it does not look normal. I am waiting to have a CT scan on my brain this week as I have been suffering from a bad headache that has lasted some time.

I have been married to the love of my life for almost 11 years. We have no children of our own but nieces and nephews that we adore.We were planning on adopting in our mid-30s, unfortunately this has been derailed by cancer.

Not only have I been dealing with cancer but I also am disabled due to a degenerative arthritis and I use a cane, walker or wheelchair to get around. It depends on the day but, more than a short distance of walking means I am must use my wheelchair.

I love the colors red and bright pink. In fact I have pink hair as life is too short to not do what you want to do. I love to read and write. I am an internet addict and a long time blogger."

Jame's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send James a Spirit Jump

"In March of 2000, James, a former Marine and firefighter/medic, was diagnosed with a rare, endocrine disease called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1. (MEN1) The disease, which is genetic, causes tumor growth on the various endocrine glands.

Later that same year he was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and had his thyroid and parathyroid glands removed. The cancer has since metastasized to his lungs, pituitary and pancreas.

We have 7 children together and he is an amazing, loving husband and caring father. If I could, I would take this horrible disease from him. I hate every minute of it. He just doesn’t deserve any of it. Please keep my husband and our family in your thoughts and prayers."

Nick's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Nick a Spirit Jump

"Nick is 32 years old and is the youngest of the 5 (with 4 older sisters!). At 3 months old, he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer - back in 1977. He went through chemotherapy, radiation treatment and had a bone marrow transplant at the age of 3. At that time, he was stage 4S and our parents were told that he would not make it. With love and support from family and friends, he beat the odds.

Later in life, Nick was diagnosed with Diabetes. At about 23, cancer struck again...thyroid cancer. Numerous health issues continued. Most recently, he was told that he has "end stage renal failure" and needs a kidney/pancreas transplant and/or dialysis very soon.

Currently, his spirits are very low and his stress is extremely high. My wish is for Nick to receive good wishes and cards. If you want to send a gift card or anything else with it, I bet he would truly appreciate it. He doesn't do much for himself...everything he does is for others. I recall when we celebrated our birthdays together one April...he took me out to dinner and then to an Elton John concert. So sweet! Anything that can be done to improve his spirits would be appreciated.

His "big" wish would be to get a laptop computer and computer camera. This way, he can keep in contact with everyone when he is in the hospital. I'm his oldest sister and we live in NYC. Our 5 year old son really misses his "Uncle Nicky" (and so do my husband and I) and it would be great if he had a laptop and computer camera so that he can keep in contact with family and friends - especially those out of state and out of the country. It's a big wish...but if anyone is able to help, it would be appreciated more than you can imagine!

P.S. Nick is on Facebook...feel free to request him as a friend by clicking the link below:


Peace, love, health and happiness for all... "

Cynthia's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Cynthia a Spirit Jump

"My wife and I are in need of help with our sprits being lifted. My wife is 49 has bRCC (kidney cancer in both kidneys). Cindy has had her right kidney removed and over half of the left kidney. She has a positive surgical margin and cancer remaining in the left portion of the remaining kidney.

I lost my job in January and we are trying to live off of unemployment. During her battle with cancer her spirits have been a struggle also she stays depressed with our situation and major anxiety. She started chemo in January and was taken off in June due to it being too toxic. Cindy stayed in the hospital a week and during all that now has developed heart problems and has had a mini stroke.

We have sold off everything we can think to sell and have very little left. We now live with Cindy's mom and dad. Cindy has been turned down twice by SSD and we are now awaiting a court date. Cindy has applied to many sites for help and so far nothing. The family started a medical fund for her to help with her medical expenses and so far again there has not been a lot of help.

As you can see Cindy has just about given up and blames herself for all our problems that have been brought on by the cancer. There was an article about Cindy in our local paper and here is the link if anyone would like to read it.



I am so grateful to have found this site of caring people!!!!

God Bless You All
Berry Anderson"

Elizabeth's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Elizabeth a Spirit Jump

"My name is Liz. I am 47 years old, I have 4th Stage metastasis breast cancer in my bones. I have been in treatment for about a year. So far is stable but as far as I know will be a life long thing. My whole life has been a struggle, now this. Supporting two daughters and two grandsons on social security which hardly pays the rent and nothing left for myself for personal things or enjoyment.

I love the beach, bingo, Atlantic City, candles, music, elvis, cats, tigers, lady bugs, hearts. I dont get a lot of support or attention from family or friends. I do everything alone. My favorite color is blue but love pink too. I pray to get better so one day I can travel the world. Would love to go to a Tropical paradise. Love coconut"


Crystal's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Crystal a Spirit Jump

My name is Crystal, I am 26 years of age and have stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. I was diagnosed at 22 years old on Nov 15, 2005 and have been undergoing chemotherapy ever since. I have not been in remission yet. I have been on 6 different chemo therapy drugs so far. When I was first diagnosed, my tumor was the size of a small watermelon and my reproductive organs were all twisted around it. In Jan of 2006 after completing 3 rounds of chemo, I underwent debulking surgery. The doctors had hoped that the chemo I received before the surgery would help shrink the tumor. It didn’t. Part of my large intestine was also infested with cancer as well as my spleen. I had a complete/radical hysterectomy, part of my large intestine was removed and I had to have a colostomy bag, my spleen and appendix was removed, and the surface of several organs that had cancer on top of them were lasered. Since then I have had approximately 3 more surgeries to repair blockages in my intestines.

Summer of 2008 I was admitted to the hospital with another blockage. My large intestines had to be removed and I had to have an ileostomy bag, which attached to the iileostom in the small intestines. I was in the hospital for a month and a half due to severe pain following this surgery. Since then, I have been on a chemo drug called Gemzar and it is keeping my cancer stable and my ca125 (tumor marker for ovarian cancer) has remained stable and low…currently at 24. The norm for women without cancer is below 20.

This has been a very hard, long fight. I get discouraged, depressed, and down a lot but my mom is always there to remind me to keep fighting and to stay positive. I have not been able to work since being diagnosed due to chemotherapy and chronic fatigue and pain. I am on social security disability and live paycheck to paycheck each month.

I love butterflys, spiritual/religious gifts, reading mystery/fantasy/religious books, I also love reading the bible and have grown spiritually since my diagnosis. I love jewelry, fashion, candles, and love angel/fairy figurines. I enjoy going out to eat once in a while and love Starbucks, Target, Kohls, Bath and Body Works, and Jamba Juice. I would really enjoy getting my hair highlighted but can not afford it right now. I also love massages from heavenly massage and they help my chronic back pain immensely but also can not afford them. I also love all kinds of flowers. I also love Tinkerbell and my favorite color is pink!!!

Diane's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Diane a Spirit Jump

"I am also asking for a spirit jump for my grandma Diane, age 64. My grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 primary peritoneal carcinoma in May of 2008. It is a very rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer. The prognosis for this stage of cancer is appx 1 year.

The cancer started in the lining of my grandma’s abdomen (peritoneum) and had also spread to her right lung. She also had a complete hysterectomy and they used the laser to try to remove as much cancer as possible. They drained her lung and put some kind of powder to plug it up so it wouldn’t fill back up. She started chemo and was responding well to it.

Nov of 2008 she began a 3 month break from chemo. When she went to the doctor at the end of January her tumor markers had rose from the mid 20’s to appx 120. One week later, it rose to appx 240. They started her up on a different chemo. She had 2 cycles of that and didn’t respond to it. They started her on another chemo.

In March of this year she was very ill, couldn’t keep any food down, had stomach cramps and wasn’t having any bowel movements. She was admitted to the hospital with a partial bowel obstruction/blockage. Her blockage differed from the ones I kept having because hers was caused by cancer on the outside of the intestine and squeezing the intestine together. The drs said they couldn’t do anything surgically. They also said that her cancer was now end stage and that she was terminal. Since then she has declined dramatically.

In may she went back into the hospital and they found out that she has 2 blockages--one at the top of her small intestine and one at the lower end of her small intestine. They were going to try to do surgery this time, but after reviewing the results of many tests, they decided that they couldn’t do anything. Since then she has not been able to eat or drink. She went back into the hospital appx middle of July and had an infection. They gave her a couple weeks to live. She has surpassed that time limit, but every day she is declining. She has no quality of life, is very weak, has no strength to even sit up on her own, is tired all the time and is on TPN (IV food/fluids through her port) and is vomiting several times a day. Her spirits are very low and she realizes/knows that she is dying and doesn’t have much time left.

My grandma loves flowers, candles, and angels/fairies. She really isn’t interested or can concentrate on reading or watching tv right now. She also could use chapstick as her lips get very dry, body lotions, pajama tops and bottoms in size Large, or gift cards to Walmart, Target, or Walgreens to help with prescriptions and other everyday necessities."


Darlene's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Darlene a Spirit Jump

"I am also asking for a spirit jump for my mom Darlene, age 44. She has been my rock through all of this and has had to deal with first her daughter being diagnosed with cancer, then her boyfriend having liver failure and getting a transplant, then her mother being diagnosed with cancer and now her mother is dying from the cancer.

Without my mother’s positive attitude, I would have probably given up long ago. She is such an inspiring women and is also pushing me to keep fighting. She doesn’t let her emotions show too much and keeps it all inside of her. She tries to stay strong for everyone. I can only imagine what it is like for someone to be dealt with 3 sick people whom you love and care about very much, all at the same time.

My mom was laid off last fall and has been on unemployment. When my grandma started to really decline, she asked my mom to file for an extension so she could stay home with her. My mom has stayed home to help take care of my grandma and her unemployment is about to run out.

Any type of gift she would love--gift cards for gas, walmart, target, kohls, groceries (Jewel/Albertsons), Ulta 3 cosmetics, Bath and Body works, or even just cards with words of encouragement."


Melissa - Become a "jumper" & Send Melissa a Spirit Jump

"I am also asking for a spirt jump for my 20 year old sister melissa. She has been by my side through everything. We are best friends. She was laid off from work about a month ago because she had taken too many days off to help take care of my grandma. She is on unemployment but is not getting enough to pay her bills. With all of these medical issues going on in our family, she has been inspired to go to school for nursing. She has gotten her CNA so far and has been taking general courses at a local community college.

She loves tinkerbell, angels/fairies, the Chicago Bears football team (and would LOVE to go to a game someday) and could use gift cards for clothes and medications since she does not have prescription coverage right now, such as Target, Kohls, Walmart or even gift cards for gas. Her favorite color is purple and you also love heart jewel, sterling silver since she is allergic to anything with nickel. She would also ABSOLUTELY LOVE a Robbie Gould Bears football jersey, womens size Medium. Her 21st bday is October 16, 2009 and we were planning to go to vegas to celebrate but we arent going to be able to afford it. She has been so stressed out because of her sister and grandma being diagnosed with cancer and loves facials and massages to help relax and calm herself. She also loves candles. She is also in desperate need of a haircut and would like highlights but cannot afford them."


John's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send John a Spirit Jump
I am a 64 year old man, and 15 year cancer survivor. The 33 radiation treatments I underwent to both sides of my head, neck, and jaw, for a tumor at the base of my tongue, also destroyed my salivary glands. As a result of all the radiation, and no saliva my teeth have been disintegrating and break like glass, there are only 11 teeth left, with just 3 and a half teeth in the very front that I have to chew with. The 11 teeth that are left, must be removed now, even though I have been enduring the pain for years to have some teeth the dental surgeon said they are too bad, and must be removed, to be replaced with dentures.

I have tried every source, and contact number to find help with meeting the expense of extracting my teeth, which must be done by a dental surgeon, because of all the radiation I had, plus the cost of dentures, and even at low cost clinics, this work I need done will cost over 3,500 dollars. My only income is social security, and I can barely buy food to sustain myself, and 5 pets I rescued I do without a lot to make sure the animals have their food.
There is no way I could meet an expense of 3,500 dollars. I have never been able to smile, or talk to anyone without trying to hide my teeth so I have been reclusive for many years now, because of that.

Removing these painful teeth will probably be a relief, but the pain, and trauma of having none at all will be magnified by the fact, that there is nothing I can do about it.I sure wish I could flash a big smile, with out being ashamed, or self conscious at least once before I die.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please forgive me for being so graphic, but this is the situation I have been dealing with."

I explained to John that Spirit Jump's mission is mainly to send cards and that our jumpers are not going to be able to help him with his teeth but will definitely do what we can to bring him joy. This was his response:

"Glad you got it, I was not really expecting anything to come from my wish I just wanted someone to know what was happening to me, because being alone as I am no one does. Your email lifted my spirits immensely, and if nothing else I will always have that.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my ENT handed me the biopsy results and told me to give it to my wife, and she could answer any questions I may have, because she is a doctor. Although my former wife is a VMD, animals suffer from all the same cancers we do, so she knows all about that, however she wanted no part of it, and left me shortly after my cancer episode, and I have been alone ever since, and needless to say very wary of people now, because she treated me horrible when I was so ill, until she left, and never spoke to me again. Sorry I went off on that tangent, but again your interest in trying to help, made me feel so much better, and that is enough.

Thank you for being so kind hearted,

George's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send George a Spirit Jump

"A. little over 3 years ago I started having major ear aches and sore
throat's. I would go to the E.R and they would just say its a little
infection. After a few months I finally went to a speical ear nose and
throat doctor who told me I may have throat cancer. So we made an
appointment for cleveland clinic. The doctor there told me I had what is called squamous cell carcinoma and within two weeks I was going in for removal surgery. I was already at a stage three and it was even more high risk because the cancer was in my throat. I was told that I may not be able to speak after the surgery because it was so close to my voicebox. Also there was a chance that I would never be able to eat again because they had to remove the back flap of my tounge.

A few days after surgery I was aloud to try to talk and I was so happy to hear the words coming out of my mouth.I had to eat thew a tube in my nose for a month and after it accidently got pulled out twice the doctors did surgery and had a feeding tube put into my stomach. I was too scared to even try to eat so I used the tube for around two year and lost around 125 pounds. Then one day my wife finally had me start eating small things untill I started getting braver. Now as of today I am eating everyday normal food I just cut it smalled than most people. I went to the doctors around two months ago for my 3 year petscan and they found a
nodgiler in my chest. I am told that it may not be cancer I go for
another petscan september 9th 2009....

Family Info: I have a loving wife, one son who is 23, I have three
daughters ages 18,14 and 4 years old and I also have a grandbaby and she is 3 years old.

Likes: I enjoy motorcycles


Chris's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Chris a Spirit Jump

(No Photo Provided)

Chris is a 35 year old, male married with 4 children: twin girls age 8 and 2 boys ages 7 and 4. In March they discovered Chris had stage 4 colon cancer. Chris gets chemo treatments every 2 weeks, for aggressive chemo.

Chris's interests include Playing World of Warcraft, board games and card games(UNO) with his family. He has wide range of movie interest. Chris also loves cats and dogs, as well as motorcycling.

Ericka's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Barry a Spirit Jump

UPDATE 8/30/09 I would like to thank the three Spirit Jumpers that sent me beautiful inspirational cards. I also received gifts of cute little horses in purses for the girls and legos for my son and a FAITH necklace for me! I was so surprised and it brought lots of joy that day! It was like Christmas! THANK YOU!!!!! Please post this because the members were anonymous. God Bless!!! Ericka Walker & Family. My Hysterectomy went well and I am doing as well as expected.

HI, we are a Christian family of six. I am 32 years old and my husband will be 30 on September 11th (I know, what a birthday, right?). We have four beautiful children, Olivia age 10, Monika age 9, Malik age 5 and Soraya age 3.

I started feeling sick in March 2009 so I made an appt with my OB. While he was examining me he found two inginiual hernias on both sides. I had the left hernia repaired May 30th. During the wait for that operation I lost 20 pounds and got sicker. I had many tests done and everyone blamed it on the hernia's. I knew it was OB related because during my cycle it was extremely painful & I went to the ER every month for pain. I had swollen lymph nodes and they were infected when I awoke from the hernia surgery which made the doctor's take me more seriously. It was supposed to be outpatient but my stay was 5 days. After many Ct, MRI's and ultrsounds I had a exploratory laprascopy on July 17th. I am still losing weight and nausious. I awoke from anesthesia with pneumonia. My outpatient also became a 4 day stay. The pneumonia lasted 3 weeks. After that the lymph nodes in my skull swoll up so bad I couldn'y even touch or sleep on that side so I seen my doctor's and they sent me to the hospital. Nobody has answers. They gave me I.V of antibiotics and more MRI's. After 8 days it went down.

It is now August 15th and I an scheduled for a hysterectomy August 27th. They are pretty sure I have Uterine cancer. The cyst they removes during the laproscopy showed nothing but my Uterus looked very suspicious and was very enlarged and growing into my other organs.I am in the very early stages. I still have to repair my right hernia but they feel this needs to come first.

My children have been showing signs of worry and they were overheard by us talking about me dying. They are scared. I have no energy, I am so weak and we have no help. My parents are not in good health and have been going through surgeris themselves. This ordeal has been aweful! Jesus has been my strength! I found comfort in Wishuponahero and my screen name is Praying4strength. I can't believe how many kind people there are out there! Olivia likes dolphins and she loves to read! Monika loves Tinkerbell and fairies. They both love American Girl and Bitty Baby. They are very innocent girls and still play dolls and watch little house on the Prairie. Malik likes legos, Monster trucks, and Star Wars. Soraya loves anything pink and princess! Her favorite book is Fancy Nancy.I love old fashoined things and simplicity!

Thanks for reading my story! God Bless!

Barry's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Barry a Spirit Jump
(No Photo Provided)

My husband Barry is 45 years old. We have one son who is eight. Barry was diagnosed with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the neck about three weeks ago. He had a lump on his neck that would not go away with antibiotics; his ENT removed it and had it biopsied; when we got the news we were shocked. Never thought it would be cancer. Since the diagnosis we have been on a roller coaster ride of doctor's appointments, additional procedures, having chemo port installed, radiation mask made, etc. Barry begins radiation/chemo next week and we are trying to prepare for that in every way we can. He is in for 7 weeks of daily radiation and about six months of chemo concurrent with and following radiation. Barry is a big Kentucky Wildcats fan, coaches our son in Little League baseball, has quite a sweet tooth and was told to bulk up in preparation for treatment :), and in general likes anything sports-related. I know these little unexpected "rays of sunshine" would brighten his days as he goes through this! We do all we can but sometimes we are tired, too and run out of the energy to encourage, so having help in doing that would be wonderful.

Emily & Jan's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Emily & Jan a Spirit Jump


Hi, my name is Emily. I am 28 years old. I have been living in a nursing home since I was 25 years old. I was in a horrible car accident in December of 2002, which left me with some life threatening injuries including a traumatic brain injury. I was able to recover and move back to my own apartment, however I was not able to sustain myself and I was forced to move into a Long Term Care Center January of 2006. Since moving into the LTCC I have been diagnosed with Autonomic Dysfunction and Inflammatory Bowel disease. I am on a bunch of medications but I am still me!

I am a girly, girl! My nurses call me princess and they treat me well. My favorite colors are pink and purple and I love Tinkerbell and Cinderella. I am an avid reader and movie watcher. I love murder mysteries and Disney and Comedy and Drama movies. I have my toy poodle Sammy living with me and he keeps me busy! He is almost 14 but he still acts like a puppy.I like stickers and I really want to learn how to scrapbook, but my concentration is not so good anymore. I love taking pictures with my digital camera and I love listening to all types of music, especailly Point of Grace! I love to be a blanket hog and I am always asking my nurses to get me pretty fabrics so I can make or use them for blankets!

Living in a nursing home at my age is hard. I am the youngest and I get really sad a lot. My mom is currently getting used to the idea of have Breast Cancer so it is hard for her to be there for me. I am always making people smile by being my quirky self!


Jan, is my mom. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on August 6, 2009. She lives in Denver with her husband Jim and Bernese Mountain Dog Max. My mom has always been on the otherside of cancer, helping raise money for the Cancer Leauge of Colorado and she has served on the Board of Directors for the Mental Health Association of Colorado and she is currently serving on the Arthritis Foundation Board.My mom has never asked for support, instead she will give until she no more to give. My mom like anything to do with the outdoors. She is an avid walker and will run when she feels like it! One thing about my mom is she saved me from a life of abuse by adopting me at age 4 and a half. She is my hero and now she needs all the support she can receive.

On July 27, 2009 at bedtime my mom did a self breast exam, she found a lump. Tuesday the 28th she scheduled an emergency mammogram and ultrasound since she has breast implants. Wednesday the 29th mom came and had lunch with me and took me out of the nursing home for a break. Thursday 30th mom had the mammogram and ultrasound and the radiologist didn't like what he saw and so scheduled her for a biopsy Wednesday August 5th. August 6th my mom receives a call no one would ever want to hear "It's cancer." Monday August 10th she is seeing a surgeon, oncologist and radiologist. We know for a fact, she will have a double mastectomy and chemo and radiation. I am not sure at this point what stage the cancer is but I know we will fight it no matter what!

Buck's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Buck a Spirit Jump

Buck passed away Aug 16, 2009 after a courageous battle with lung cancer

"I am 74 year old male that has been battling lung cancer for the last 10 years. I first had it in my right lung and it was removed by taking a quarter of my lung out. Last year they discover cancer in my left lung the size of a baseball, I had cyber knife done and it seem to be shrinking a little. I also have emphysema and since June I have been on oxygen 24/7. In July I kept developing lung infections and coughing up blood, they took a xray and discovered that I have another mass in my left lung and swollen lymph nodes in my chest. They want to do other testing but it's important to lay down for other procedures. I have now been home for three weeks with hospice care coming twice a week. I have wonderful support from my wife and her step children and also my step grandson who we raised. I really like to receive cards and also like Army and Eagles (the bird). Thanks for all that you do!"

Pamela's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Pamela a Spirit Jump

UPDATE: 8/28/09- "blood work confirms cancer is again active and growing. Next step, surgery and this time radiation-never had and they say that the location of the tumor is difficult to treat and will possibly have many dangerous

"I am a 43yr old mother of 3 wonderful boys (16,13,5). I was diagnosed in February 2006 with 3rd stage Ovarian cancer. Almost immediately I was subjected to multiple surgeries and 6 horrible rounds of chemotherapy. With each round of chemo, I spent days in the hospital due to not tolerating the treatment well. After this treatment, I was in remission until October of 2008 when my cancer again returned in my abdomin/pelvis area. I again went into surgery to have the cancer scraped out. I then proceeded to start chemotherapy once again. This time I had an allergic reaction to the carboplatin (drug in the chemo) that shut my airway and had to be ambulanced to the hospital. They then started me on cisplatin for the remaining therapys. BUT after 1 round, my incisions from the surgeries split open and I had a double hernia that needed immediate repair. I had to stop my chemo to gain strength to go through with this surgery. Surgery day came and I was supposed to have surgery and go home, but after surgery my heart started to have reactions and I had to be admitted for a couple of days in the heart unit.

March of 2009, I was told that my cancer levels were all normal and that I was once again in remission. July came and I started my testing and it shows that my cancer is again active. I am so devistated and scared as I don't know if I can handle the chemo this time if that is what they chose to do. I will know more on August 27th after they repeat the blood work to see where my cancer level stand.

My children have been through hell and back watching mom go through all this. My children went from honor students to almost failing students, so I know this is and has taken a toll on them. I pray every day that my struggle is worth it and that I win my battle. I lost my job in 2008 due to not being able to commit to working set hours. Our bills have continued to accum ulate and we just don't seem to be getting our head above the water. Each time I feel well enough to try once again to get in the work force, I get shot back with my health results. I am praying that someday, my family can take a much needed FAMILY TIME vacation so that my children can have something to remember me by should things not turn out well. We are in need of help for the school year (getting the kids clothes and school related items). We would love to have Walmart gift cards or any gift cards to any stores in our area. We also could use some assistance with food stores (Shop Rite, Acme, Giant). Me personally, would be appreciative for Rite Aid, Walgreen or CVS gift cards to help out with medications I need.

I love giraffes, and ANGELS........I believe that Angels are all around us and I am praying that one will accept my pleas and give me the strength I need to win.

In the initial consult with the oncologist in 2006, I was told that my cancer has a life span of 5years. I am 3years into this and I want to be here a lot longer than 2 more years. I am so scared. I tell everyone, I have cancer but it does NOT have me and I am fighting each day of my life to WIN.
Each day is a blessing from God and I am THANKFUL for each one I wake up to enjoy. My father used to say, "It is a beautiful day today" no matter what the weather was and I now see what he was talking about. It is a beautiful day and to be able to see my children smile proves it. I am also appreciateive for FRIENDS - without friends I don't think I could have coped this long. Please send prayers as I believe prayers get answered and if God hears enough he may answer mine. TY"

Please email us if you would like to send a Spirit Jump to Pamela

Emery's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Emery a Spirit Jump


"I am writing on behalf of my husband Emery(44). We have four children and three grandchildren. Emery was diagnosed Aug. of 2008 with Small cell lung cancer. It has been a long hard year of treatments(6 rounds of chemo, 60 chest radiation, 10 brain irradiation) and various hospital stays.

Recently we were told that the cancer is totally incurable and that he has 2-4 months to live. We are trying to spend quality family time right now with little means. We no longer even have a car so, we now rely on his mother to drive us to his doctor a hundred miles away. I make very little to help support us and have to take a lot of time off of work to be with him during all of this. So, we have absolutely no means to fulfill his dream of a family vacation to Disney in Florida. Even if by some small miracle we were accepted into one of the Wish foundations, they would only pay for three of us to go. I am normally a very proud person and like to do things on my own. I have thrown all of that out the window and am begging anyone that can help. There is so little time and I want so much for the trip to happen for him. He would be so very happy to have a magical time with his family and the kids would have some beautiful memories with their dad that they would cherish in their hearts forever. I feel like I am screaming from roof tops, please someone help us! It would mean the world to my husband to be able to go, he is so scared and sad right now and I just want to see that smile on his face.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read this

Jason's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jason a Spirit Jump

UPDATE 8/27/09: Jason developed a new complication - Diabetes 2 and now has to have insulin injections daily. He already has 2 Heparin injections daily to thin his blood. He had complications from the pill Coumadin previously. He is scheduled to see his Oncologist on Monday and schedule chemo. If you would like to send a card to Jason please contact us & we will provide you his mailing info.

I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Lung Cancer a year ago, August 2008. I am 39 years old, single and currently my Mom is my caretaker. I have had a full round of radiation and chemo which was completed in October and was given a prognosis of two years. In March I had unsuccessful surgery to remove the tumor, my lymph nodes and nerve endings in my back, as well as my right lung. I went from being on the mountain top to being in the pit. In April I had a dose of chemo, followed by hospitalizations in May and June which were life-threatening. I developed pulmonary embolisms and also had peri-cardial effusion which is of fluid around my heart. I am scheduled for CAT scans on August 17, followed by more chemotherapy. I am an Art History and Literature graduate. Movies, books, art are my thing. Thank You"

Pamela K's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Pamela a Spirit Jump
(No Photo Provided)

I am a 43yr old mother of 3 wonderful boys (16,13,5). I was diagnosed in February 2006 with 3rd stage Ovarian cancer. Almost immediately I was subjected to multiple surgeries and 6 horrible rounds of chemotherapy. With each round of chemo, I spent days in the hospital due to not tolerating the treatment well. After this treatment, I was in remission until October of 2008 when my cancer again returned in my abdomin/pelvis area. I again went into surgery to have the cancer scraped out. I then proceeded to start chemotherapy once again. This time I had an allergic reaction to the carboplatin (drug in the chemo) that shut my airway and had to be ambulanced to the hospital. They then started me on cisplatin for the remaining therapys. BUT after 1 round, my incisions from the surgeries split open and I had a double hernia that needed immediate repair. I had to stop my chemo to gain strength to go through with this surgery. Surgery day came and I was supposed to have surgery and go home, but after surgery my heart started to have reactions and I had to be admitted for a couple of days in the heart unit. March of 2009, I was told that my cancer levels were all normal and that I was once again in remission. July came and I started my testing and it shows that my cancer is again active. I am so devistated and scared as I don't know if I can handle the chemo this time if that is what they chose to do. I will know more on August 27th after they repeat the blood work to see where my cancer level stand.

My children have been through hell and back watching mom go through all this. My children went from honor students to almost failing students, so I know this is and has taken a toll on them. I pray every day that my struggle is worth it and that I win my battle. I lost my job in 2008 due to not being able to commit to working set hours. Our bills have continued to accum ulate and we just don't seem to be getting our head above the water. Each time I feel well enough to try once again to get in the work force, I get shot back with my health results. I am praying that someday, my family can take a much needed FAMILY TIME vacation so that my children can have something to remember me by should things not turn out well. We are in need of help for the school year (getting the kids clothes and school related items).

We would love to have Walmart gift cards or any gift cards to any stores in our area. We also could use some assistance with food stores (Shop Rite, Acme, Giant). Me personally, would be appreciative for Rite Aid, Walgreen or CVS gift cards to help out with medications I need.

Janet's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Janet a Spirit Jump

Hello everyone, I am 33 years old and I have 2 children that are 7 and 3. I live by myself due to the fact that when my kids were little their father abandoned us around the time that I found out that I had cancer. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have been trying different types of treatments. I have been battling this for going on 2 years now and my mother just past away suddenly from a heart attack so I am left with no one to help me with my children. I am writing to get help from being evicted and sent to the streets with my children. After my mother past away it took all of the money I had saved for medical and rent to bury her. I need $2,390 by August 31st in order to cover the rent that I am past due and the rent for this month. The best gift I could receive would be knowing that I will not be getting evicted at the end of the month. Thank you for your time and God bless you all.

Amy & Philip's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Amy and Philip a Spirit Jump

I would like to introduce you to an amazing woman, Amy. Amy and I met online a while back when she emailed me about a product for her son, Philip. It was then that I learned about Philip who has been bravely fighting for his life since he was a baby. When Philip was three weeks old he was flown to Arnold Palmer. He had a large arachnoid cyst and needed a brain operation. At the age of 6 months the cyst came back and he once again needed a brain operation. Philip has had a total of 15 brain operations to date. He also has had a stroke and over 20 Orthopedic operations. To read more about Philip please visit his CaringBridge Page by clicking HERE

Amy has dedicated herself to her family and recently her family was given another battle. You can also visit Amy's blog @ Our Daily Blessings

My name is Amy. I am a 40 year old mother of 4. About a year ago I started to just not feel well. No matter what I did or tried I just did not feel like myself. My first thought was it was due to my weight loss. I had weighed about 223 pounds and been on a pretty strict form of Low carb and gotten down to 136. Instead of feeling better, I felt awful.

In Jan 2008, I decided to go visit my family doctor and explain my concerns with her. She decided to run some basic test , which all turned out "okay". She decided to send me to a rheumatologist to have them run some more advanced testing. The next day I received a phone call from the new DR office and was told their first available appointment was in 6 weeks. While I was disappointed in having to wait for so many weeks, I figured it would be well worth the wait to finally get some answers.

I guess it is never a good thing to place all your hopes on a DR you have never met before. I went to the appt and within 5 minutes she had me diagnosis and pushing me out the door. I left feeling more discouraged then before I went.

I brought the original lab work results from my Family DR to the rheumatologist appt. I explained to her that I was overly tired. That I was cold all the time and had no energy. I also told her I had severe bone pain to the point I was taking 4 advil every 4 to 6 hrs most days. I told her I had a thyroid problem that was very controlled with meds and that my check up with endocrinologist showed my thyroid level was fine .

The DR asked me if I happen to have any stress in my life. She noted that I was a mom to 4 children and that had to be very stressful. I kind of shrugged and said I think it is more of a blessing then stressful. I then shared with her that my oldest son did have some serious medical issues which included over 15 brain operations and a stroke. I told her that while this was stressful it was something that our family had been dealing with for a long time and I felt like my stress level was really pretty well balanced. This was all she needed to hear. She decided right then she wanted me to take sleep medication and a antidepressant. I was a little taken back..okay a lot. I told her that I really felt like there could be something medically wrong . She said she was sure I had and sent me off with the scripts and told me she would see me back in a month. I left feeling defeated and wondering if maybe it was all in mind.

Over the next few months I spent some time reading information on fibromyalgia. I wanted to see if there was a blood test or scan that could show if you have fibromyalgia The more I read the more I learned that it can be hard diagnosis and even harder to treat.

Over the next few months I tried to fake it till I could make it. I kept taking my daily advil and resting on the harder days. I would sleep with my heating pad...sweat all day...things just seem to get worse . NO matter what I did I just felt awful.

In September 2008 I decided I needed to go back to my family DR . My bones hurt so bad I could not even get out of bed some days. I also had developed a painful condition with my feet. It was so odd. They would feel numb but at the same time I had needle pains in them. Sometimes it was hard to walk on them .I explained to her what the rheumatologist had said. She suggested I go back and see my endocrinologist . She thought maybe there was a sugar issue.

My endocrinologist took some labs that showed my sugars to be perfect and once again my thyroid level was perfect on my current level of medication. The endocrinologist wanted me to see a neurologist for a follow up to the pain in my feet. They made me a appt for the following month for a appt and testing. Little did I know this new appointment would end up saving my life.

October 2008 I started having a odd feeling in my left side. I ended up doubled over and was rushed to the ER. It was found that I had a large mass on my left ovary. It would need to be removed immediately. I ended up losing my left ovary and my left tube. I can remember feeling like such a bad mom because it was Halloween and I could not go trick or treat with Cole my 4 year old. I promised myself that I would get better and be ready to enjoy the holidays. My path report came back showing pre cancer cells. It was a relief to have it removed and be able to move on and put it all behind me.

A few weeks later I had my scheduled appt with the neurologist to follow up with my foot pain. He asked me a bunch of medical questions . He asked me how I was feeling and actually listened to my answers. He decided to run some medical test including a lyme test. It was planned for me to return the Wed before Thanksgiving for a EMG of both my feet and to review my blood work.

November 2008...I go for my EMG testing . He said all the blood work that had come back was fine and we continued on with the EMG. As he is doing my test the nurse knocked on the door and brings in some blood work. He shakes his head and I think...wow that person must be getting bad news. Sure enough it was my blood work. He explained to me that while my EMG was normal I did have two blood test that concerned him. He asked if I happen to have any lumps.. I knew then I could be in trouble. I had a appointment with my Family DR the following week because I had a lymph node in my neck that was swollen and had not gone away. He looked at it and then said we need to talk.

He said I needed to see a surgeon and a oncologist within the next week. He wanted a surgeon to remove what he thought was a cyst. He wanted the oncologist to go over my lab work.
From that point on my life changed in ways I never expected.

My first reality lesson was when my caller ID said Cancer center. Wow. Then I had to actually go and walk into the office marked cancer center. I sat there and looked around. I will never forget that "feeling". I looked and wondered if the people there were scared. I wondered what was wrong with them. And I wondered if they would live. I just sat there and felt really bad for the people who were "really" there for cancer. As for me I was there for some blood work mistake. I met with the oncologist who seemed nice enough. He explained to me that I did have some blood work that was abnormal and could indicate cancer but he said he could assure me that it was a fluke. He asked me to have a bunch of blood work done and return to see him after I had my "cyst" removed.

The oncologist wanted me to get a mammogram. It was my first one. I felt empowered getting It done. Taking charge of my health. Of course my first one turned out to be exciting. They found something on my right breast and had me stay for a second one and then a ultrasound. They said they would send the results to my oncologist. The oncologist wanted me to have a MRI done after I healed from my cyst removal.

The following day I saw the surgeon. She was wonderful. She explained to me that we needed to remove the "cyst" . She wanted to me to have a MRI so she could have a mapping of where it was at. WE decided to go ahead and plan the surgery for right after Christmas. I left with a plan of action and was relived I would be able to have the holidays free of operations.

My MRI was scheduled for Dec 4th . A few days before that I noticed that I had a second lymph node. I kind of half joked that there was a baby one now. But within a few days I found I could not swallow easy and my neck was swollen with two very large nodes. The day I had my MRI the radiologist asked to speak to me after my scan. He said there was a issue that needed to be addressed. His first question was had I ever smoked. I said no , why? While doing my scan they happen to see some nodules on my chest wall that concerned them. He said he would be putting a call into the ordering Dr to let them know. I nodded and said thank you. I walked to the bathroom and sat down and cried. I panicked . I called my mom and my MIL and cried hysterical. For the first time I was scared. Really scared. I could not believe all this was happening.

That afternoon my Surgeon's office called and asked me to come in first thing Monday morning. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend...worried too death. She examined my neck and was shocked at the second one that had grown so large. She wanted to put me on a very strong antibiotic and move up my surgery date. She explained that she was not sure she would be able to remove the whole nodule. She said they were both very large and very deep. I had a very unpleasant test done on her office where they put a tube down to look at my vocal cords. I asked her if she was worried about the cyst and she said well...I still feel pretty confident they are cyst but we will not know until we get them out. She decided to do a cell biopsy and send them off to a lab stat. She also decided to have a pathologist in the OR so she has a better idea of what needed to be done. I look back and think..I should of known then.

It was decided we would do a PET scan to follow up on everything after we got the "cyst " out.
Dec 10th I went into the hospital for removal of the cyst and left in really and shape. When I woke up the first thing I realized was I had major pain in my neck and drains and a large bandage wrapped very tight. I whispered to my DH what did they find. He said we needed to wait for the results. I noticed it seemed that no one would look me in the eyes. For days I had a drain and bandages and the most incredible pain I could ever imagine. The pathology results were due to be back the following Monday. I found myself feeling like Monday would never come. I also noticed my DH seemed very distant. I figured it was just a lot of stress.

The Following Monday Jim was on his way to get me for my follow up appt and drain check. The phone rang and it was the nurse. She said she wanted to let me know that I could wait till the following day to come in because they were still waiting on the form and staging of cancer and they hated for me to try to get up and come in when I was in so much pain when the results were not back. She then said. How is your DH doing the Dr was very concerned when she came back to the office and had to tell him you had cancer when he was alone.

So I had cancer.

I called my DH and asked him is he thought we should talk about my cancer diagnosis. He came straight home and said he was sorry. He explained to me that he could not look at me and tell me when we did not know what kind or stage. He also said the DR said she knew I needed to rest from the aggressive surgery and they agreed to wait to tell me when the path came back. Someone forgot to tell the nurse.

I have been asked if I was upset with Jim for lying to me. How could I be mad. He gave me a few more days that I did not know I had cancer. He took care of me knowing that in a few days my whole world would change. He did it out of love.

For days we waited for the final report. It was then decided it needed to be sent to Mayo clinic. The DR saw me daily for weeks. I had to have the drain put back in days before Christmas. The Dr told me the pathologist told her that the whole nodules had to come out. He was sure if any was left it would kill me. She said she was so deep in my neck she had to get on the table. That explained the pain factor.

During this time period the DR noticed a few bumps on my face that had to be tested for MRSA. I ended up with 8 band aides on my face. I then had to go back in a antibiotic that was known to cause CDIFF. So that required some specialized testing every other day. It really felt like I was falling a part. And in some ways I was.

Christmas eve I got the call that the same infection that was on my face tested in my lymph node at MAYO clinic. A course of 12 weeks of strong antibiotics and a Infectious disease Dr was added to the team.

I finally got the diagnosis of NON Hodgkin's stage 2. I also had a secondary infection that needed to be treated. During this time period it was found that the original symptoms I had when I saw the rumetolgist was due to a underlying auto immune disease. .

I am doing a course of once a week chemo and steroids. I just had my second PET scan yesterday to check how the treatment is working. I need to see if the nodules on my chest wall are stable. MY new treatment plan will be based on the scan results. I have a MRI in June of my breast with a follow up for a biopsy.

Yesterday when I had my PET scan done , the tech happen to be getting my history. He said wow you have a lot of lumps in your body. I have to admit that was really hard to hear. I sure hope the new PET shows less "lumps" then last time.

I wish I could come here and say I am sure everything is going to be okay. But I have to admit that I am scared some days . This is all still new to me. Some days it feels like a bad dream. I find myself wondering how things turned out this way. How did I turn into one of those patients in the waiting room of the cancer center? But most days I feel strong. I am digging deep and finding a new stronger me.

I hope Meaghan will invite me back when I can share the great news that I am cancer free.

God is GOOD .

Jerry's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jerry a Spirit Jump

"I am married and have two step sons and one grandson that I want to see go to school, graduate and get married. I have Squamous cell carcinoma (oral cavity cancer). I was informed in late August 2008 that I had stage IV cancer. If I had not had surgery on October 7th 2008 I would have been dead by the end of 2008. I had 2-8 hour chemo treatments and 35 treatments of radiation. I continue to get PET scans every 3 months, see my surgeon every 7 weeks and my chemo therapist every 3 months.

I was a very active man and after getting cancer I lost a total of 68 pounds and my energy level has decreased. My wife and I enjoy fishing and going on short trips for 3 or 4 days at a time. Snce my cancer we find we basically have been confined to our local area. We barely make it on our disability checks and I get very depressed because of it. I am a collector of signed sports articles but have sold my collection at auction to cover most of my bills. I enjoy going out to eat once in a while to places like the Cracker Barrel, Chili's TGI Fridays and The Outback.

I really wish to travel to my home in Seattle, Washington for a family reunion in September of 2009. We wish to drive so I can see some places I have never been to. Thank you so much for allowing me a chance to submit this application"

~ Jerry

Becky's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Becky a Spirit Jump (photo not provided)

"Hi my name is Becky. I have been married 18 years. My husband and I have had so many problems in our life. We lost everything to a fire twice. My husband has had numerous heart problems, he has had 2 mini strokes. We thought we were just about to get our heads above water when one night taking a shower I felt a lump. It was cancer. It was December 2008 when we got the call. I have been through 6 months of chemo. I am having a bilateral mastectomy August 7, 2009. I will have 7 weeks of radiation and 6 more months of chemo. I love reading inspirational novels collecting angels and crafts"


Joanna's Battle - Become a "jumper" & send Joanna a SJ (no photo provided)

"I have Large B Cell Lymphoma (NHL) - I was diagnosed after a surgical biopsy on my left lymph node in my neck. I then went to see an oncologist (Dr. Carl Chakmakjian, TX Oncology) who performed a CT Scan w/contrast, PET Scan, bone marrow biopsy and immediate start of RCHOP chemo. I had 6 chemo treatments that ended March 27 because of Neutropenia. My tumor shrunk from approx. 9 cm to 2.5 cm (2 nodes still affected and my chest). I then started Radiation treatments (35 total) which ended a month ago. I have had a CT Scan w/contrast and Bone Marrow biopsy. I have severe Neutropenia and Leukopenia but so far no lymphoma is present in the CT or Bone Marrow. I am waiting to hear back on the rest of the cytology report of the Bone Marrow to rule ot Myelodysplastic Syndrome.

I have a total of 6 children; 3 live at home still (ages 8, 4 and 3 years). One is grown, 27 years, the other 2 now live with their dad (18 & 14). I am 48 years old and I've been married for 9 years to my current husband who is a stay at home dad for the 3 & 4 year old because of the economic factor of child care being so expensive. I have no family here in TX. My mother is in a nursing home in W. Memphis ARK and my sister is in a nursing home in Memphis TN (suffered stroke). My husband is my caregiver and I actually work FULL TIME. Everyone including my Dr. says I've been a real fighter and trooper through this. Working and all..taking care of my little ones etc. We've also been through the usual routine of Cub Scouts and Little League Baseball believe it or not.

It's hard to juggle all this with NO family help. My husband's parents are of no emotional support or help with the children. We've had NO relief. My husband is also stressed from the children and the cancer and taking care of me when I've been sick. Right now I'm trying to keep away from ANYONE that is sick since my white blood count (neutrophils are 1.2). The Dr. said if I start running ANY fever I have to go in the hospital immediately so I've had LOTS OF PRAYER.

My hair is starting to grow back. I lost it after the 2nd chemo treatment. I had long beautiful hair for my whole life so it was quite shocking. It's nice and full on top but a different color. Still growing. I don't know what I can say except I took ALL my vacation and sick leave to recuperate from the off days after chemo so my family has NOT had any break at all in the last 9 months! We couldn't even take our son to 6 Flags (he had a ticket because he was an A Honor Roll STudent ALL YEAR LONG)

I feel so bad about not being able to do the things I used to do with my kids and they are so young they don't understand. I did get to see my 18 year old daughter graduate though. That was special to me. She fixed my wig and she used to always do my hair. My 14 year old wrote a song for me and played guitar and sang it to me. I think I have some really special kids. I know they love me My birthday is August 9 so I'm thankful where I am today."


Richard's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Richard a Spirit Jump

My name is Richard and I just turned 47. All of my life I have battled a genetic lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis. The average life expectancy for someone with CF is 38 and as you can tell I have supassed that. In July 2007 while in the Hsopital for regular CF treatment I became violently ill. After several tests that morning it was determined that I had a large mass in my colon. The Doctors believed then that it was cancer but that it was contained. I had surgery the very next day, a foot of my colon was removed, my appendix, they also had to remove some of the muscle around my stomach as well as a biopsy of my liver. Once I healed from my surgery I began 5Fu Chemo. I was supposed to complete 12 treatments but the chemo was really affecting my lungs and breathing do my CF so after 6 treatments I decided to stop. I had a PET scan that came back clear. This was in December. I wasn't scheduled to go back to the Oncologist until April 2008.

At this appointment I had another Pet scan which showed that the cancer had returned and spread to the periteneum cavity as well as the groin. I began pill form 5Fu chemo. I did that for quite a while but the cancer continued to grow. I stopped that treatment and began an experimental Human cloned antibody form of Chemo. I broke out in a terrible rash from head to toe. My skin would crack open and bleed. It was very painful and uncomfortable. Once again this treatment did not work. In October 2008 I decided to stop all treatments and enjoy whatever good days I had left.

The Doctor told me then that wothout treatment at the rate my cancer is growing and spreading that I had about 8 months to a year. Right now July 2009 I am 9 months in to that time. I am now on hospice as my pain at times in almost unbearable. The nurse comes out once a week right now and that will increase as this disease progresses.

I know that my time is very limited and I am enjoying making as many memories as possible with my family. My faith and strength in God has been my complete driving force to continue down this path He has laid before me. This is all His plan and I choose to use it to give Him glory and honor for all the days I have left.

Jim's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jim a Spirit Jump (No Picture Provided)

My husband - age 62 - is dying. He has metastatic melanoma throughout his liver and is no longer a candidate for treatment. He also has lung cancer and in 2005 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer (which he beat after surgery). Long story short, Jim doesn't have a whole lot of time left but is doing his best to eek every moment out of every day. Jim and I have been married for 35 years. We have two wonderful sons, Christopher, 29 and Drew, 27. Jim has worked very hard to provide for our family...he's always put himself on the back burner....never had a good car (the better car was always given to me)...he's now driving a 1990 Buick and NEVER, EVER complains. He works 6 days a week (STILL: while he can) -at 12 Corners Mobil in Rochester, NY (where we are from) and doesn't complain about that either, EVER.He's up at 4am every morning for work - home at 3:30, takes a nap until I get home from work, eats and is back in bed because he's so tired from the cancer. He's an all around great, honest, hardworking man who had had some really bad breaks in life. That will give you an idea of the good guy he is.

Pamela's Battle
- Become a "jumper" & Send Pamela a Spirit Jump

Pamela is 54 years young and a single mother of a beautiful 24 yr. old college student. She was diagnosed in January 2005 with Stage II pancreatic cancer. She had the Whipple surgery, followed by 6 months of Gemzar chemo and daily radiation for 6 weeks. In the past 6 months, after a successful 3 1/2 year remission, a Cat Scan revealed the cancer was back in 3 places in her lungs and 1 small spot in her abdomen. She is now on 2 chemo treatments, Gemzar and Tarceva and having reactions to both. Along with the extreme fatigue, she now has a bad rash all over her face. Pamela is scared, worried and trying hard to be brave, strong and positive. Her spirit could use a serious jump on many days, as she recently learned she will always have to be on one chemo or another for the rest of her life.

Jetty's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jetty a Spirit Jump

Meet Jetty, a survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme. She is 25 years old, soon to be 26. Currently Jetty is not in treatment but did endure surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, anemia and a platelet transfusion. This amazing woman has been having a very rough time recently. It is still a struggle for her from being sick, many things she worked hard to achieve while going through and immediately afterwards are falling apart. Jetty lost a scholarship she had her heart set on and this after the 5 other rejection letters from cancer scholarships left her with no choice. Jetty was forced to drop out of the school she worked so hard to be able to go to while sick. Then, this past weekend she had to rush to her hometown (3hrs away) because her grandma is very sick and they say she isn't going to make it. Jetty's other Grandma is in the hospital an hour away from there getting surgery to find out if the infection she received from the hospital has spread to her heart.

Cheryl's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Cheryl a Spirit Jump

UPDATE: Cheryl lost her battle with cancer please keep her family in your prayers.

Cheryl is battling Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme
. Cheryl has had an extremely difficult fight. After being 9 months out of her diagnosis Cheryl was experiencing loss of mobility on her left side and had to rely on a walker, limiting her ability to do her own laundry or cook meals. Many Spirit Jumpers reached out to Cheryl and your kind Spirit Jumps did lift her spirits. However, things continue to be difficult for this brave mom and her daughter has asked if we could continue to pray for and support Cheryl.

Ruth's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Ruth a Spirit Jump

Ruth is a mother of three, grandmother of five and great-grandmother of six. In 1979, Ruth was diagnosis with Breast cancer. She had one breast removed and went through Chemo and radiation. In April, Ruth noticed a lump in her left breast and in May had the breast and several lymph nodes removed. In July, Ruth learned that the surgery was successful and they had gotten all of the cancer. On July 9th, Ruth started Chemo and when she took the shot to boast her immune system, so that her white platelets did not drop too-low, it really wiped her out.

Ruth has been down, since she took the shot, as she had flu-like systems for a week and is just now starting to get out of bed. She has no energy and when she tries to do things, she has to stop and rest. I (Ruth's daughter in law) have never seen Ruth like this and it really breaks my heart. I am still new to Spirit Jump and when I took her a card the other day and saw how it made her smile, I decided to ask for a Spirit Jump for her.

Jenny's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jenny a Spirit Jump

Jenny is a Spirit Jumper & Ovarian cancer fighter. Recently we received a message from Jenny that she is in ICU & her liver is failing. The doctors are hoping her liver will not go into complete failure as she is not a candidate for a liver transplant. Jenny is out of the ICU and continuing to improve. However, her fight is not over and I know she could use some Spirit Jumps!

Naomi & Deanna's Battles - Become a "jumper" & Send these sisters a Spirit Jump

These two girls hold a very special place in my heart (Meaghan). Naomi & Deanna are two sisters who are both battling a terrible disease, Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy. I know these girls, and their brave older sister mom & dad, through my church back home in Massachusetts. While I was battling cancer this family showed me great support even though they were battling their own battles.

Sandra's Battle - Become a "jumper" and Send Sandra a Spirit Jump

My name is Sandra, a widow, (my husband passed in 2005, just 30 hours after my Dad) with 4 children. My youngest, Giovanni is nine years old. The rest of my children are all older but having a very difficult time with my diagnosis. I have incurable indolent follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma. I was involved in a serious car accident, and now I have two bony protrusions compressing my spinal cord. The doctors are working on this area to prevent any further damage and repair what they can. My main concerns are of course my children. I try to keep their spirits up, but it is very difficult as sometimes it is excruciatingly difficult to keep my own spirits up.

Lynn's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Glenda a Spirit Jump

"My wife's name is Lynn. She was diagnosed on May 26 this year. She started showing symptoms about a year ago but dismissed them as being post-menapausal. Pain started about 4 months ago. She still hasn't gotten her pain management under control. After testing and biopsies, stage IV cervical cancer has been confirmed. She starts chemo in a clinical trial at U of VA on Wednesday 7/8/9. Oncologist is hopeful that chemo will make future options available. We are expecting miracles."

Glenda's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Glenda a Spirit Jump

Recently Spirit Jump was contacted by Glenda. While she does not have cancer her battle touched us and we wanted to include her in our program. She currently has two lieasons on her liver and is waiting for a Liver transplant.

Christina's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Christina a Spirit Jump

Christina is a 26 year old mom of 2 boys. Chad is 28 months old and Brody is 3 weeks old. When Christina went to deliver (5 weeks premature)the doctors discovered her platelet count was extremely low. She was transferred from Cape Canaveral to Winnie Palmer Hosp. where she delivered Brody. After 1 week of giving her platelet and blood transfusions a bone marrow test was given and Christina was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). She was then transferred to MD Anderson where she began her chemo treatments. Her friends and family have been on a roller coaster battle for the past 3 weeks. One day Christina has a "good" day and then the next day she has a bad one.

Grace's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Grace a Spirit Jump

Grace was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June 2008, two days after her 3rd birthday. Although Grace is in remission, she still has to take chemo at home everyday and goes to a clinic every two weeks for blood work. I know some surprise Spirit Jump's will brighten Grace's Spirits even though she is still having to battle the nasty cancer treatments! Visit Graces Caringbridge Page www.caringbridge.org/visit/gracegwin

Dorothy's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Dorothy a Spirit Jump

We are sorry to report that Dorothy has lost her battle with cancer. Please keep the family your thoughts and prayers.

Dorothy Kingston was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October, 2007. She and her family never would have imagined now, 1 1/2 years later it would have turned into Metastasis Breast Cancer throughout her body.

In the beginning after Dorothy had radiation, underwent surgeries in order to have parts of her breasts and lymph nodes removed the doctor told her she was cancer free and in remission.

In October, 2008 while having her Gallbladder removed a CAT scan found much more than she and her family could have ever imagined. Dorothy's cancer had returned and had spread to her hip bone, shoulder, spine, liver, etc. Her family was so shocked as she just had a clean bill of health 2 months prior. Dorothy began chemo which she struggled which only to find out the tumors on her liver had grown.

Dorothy has now been put on hospice care and pain management. Through all of this, Dorothy's loved ones speak of the strength and courage she continues to hold even on her darkest days. Her daughter believes Dorothy is reaching out to us here at Spirit Jump in hope that we are able to bring her some positive energy and lift her Spirits as she feels her mother is letting the sadness and depression get the best of her. I know we can show Dorothy that there IS light at the end of this horrible fight!!
Dorothy is an artist - she paints, sketches & quilts, but she has unfortunately been unable to do any of these things. She has always been able to bring out the best in people.

You can read more about Dorothy's Battle by visiting her Caringbridge Website by clicking on the link.

Jesica's Battle - Become a "jumper" & Send Jesica a Spirit Jump

Jesica currently lives in a suburb of Seattle and is raising three kids along with her husband Steve whom she refers to as her Rock. Jesica loves the lord, music and collects angels. Up until this point of the story, Jesica may sound just like many of you mothers out there - and she is, all while fighting a horrific battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was originally diagnosed in June, 2006 and has unfortunately had three recurrences since then resulting in Jesica having to undergo difference three surgeries as well as a hysterectomy. Jesica will be starting her 4th week of Chemo this week - I know all of you wonderful Jumpers will be able to do wonders for her Spirits! Visit Jesica's blog Jesica's Journey

Thank You’s From Jumpee’s:

Brian Marshal:

Recently I sent out a Spirit Jump request for Brian & his wife Kim. Brian was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer which spread to his bones and lymphnodes. He was originally given only 6 months to live but has now passed the 2 year mark. The battle is so difficult for them both and they were in great need of Spirit Jumps. Kim was concerned that because they live in New Zealand they would not “qualify” for Spirit Jumps.

I am happy to let you all know that they received many jumps and were overwhelmed with the love that all the Spirit Jumps sent all the way to New Zealand. I received a Direct Message (this is something on Twitter, a social network we are a part of) Here is what Kim wrote:

“Thank you so much to all the spirit jumpers who have sent cards to Brian & myself here in NZ. We love you all and Brian is just thrilled” (@LadyScorpioNZ for those on Twitter)

Leslie McMahan

We sent out a request for a Spirit Jump for Leslie not long ago. She has been going through a lot and really needed the love and support that Spirit Jump is known for. I was so proud that so many of you reached out to her and sent her cards and gifts.

The other day I received a message from Leslie via Twitter and she wanted me to thank you all for the wonderful Spirit Jumps she received. Unfortunately Leslie’s battle has been very difficult and she has not been well. She wanted to send out cards to thank you all but has been unable to since she has been so weak these past few weeks.

For those of you on Twitter you can follow her @Mobraco and show your support by sending her messages.


The Spirit Jump request for Mikey went out several weeks ago. He is a wonderful 3 year old boy with Brain and Spine tumors who has now lost the ability to walk. His mother contacted Spirit Jump and ask if we could help her little angel by sending some cards. Mikey loves mail and would crawl around the house with junk mail saying, “look at my mail”.

I received an email from his mom recently that she wanted me to share with you all:

“Hi Stacy and Meaghan,

We are so overwhelmed by the response to Mikey's Spirit Jump requests!! :) Thank you all so much!! He is enjoying getting the mail and it has been pouring in like crazy! How can I thank the Spirit Jumpers?”

If you are a Twitter user and would like to follow Mikey’s mom @chrissielw6276 and here is their blog with a link to Mikey’s Caringbridge page


Sammie Hartsfield

Sammie is an 11 year old, beautiful, young girl who is battling terminal cancer. This Spirit Jump request went out about a month ago and the response was wonderful. Her mother sent me two emails that she wanted me to share with all the Jumpers:

“We have had the most amazing and thoughtful gifts coming for Sammie.. and they always drop me a note as well! Someone sent flowers.. very beautiful flowers.. handmade soaps,, teddy bears..webkinz.. everyday is a surprise.. thank you again for your compassion and kindness... also I have been trying to send thank you notes as well.. Please add that today we got the most AMAZING art work.. a collage of photos (my words do not do it justice) that brought me to my knees and made Sammie smile a very big smile.. we also got a blanket, with a collector Cabbage Patch doll..a personal teddy bear from someone that went through chemo already.. some lovely earrings.. and the cutest monkey.. All the homemade cards are so touching and SO much talent.. thank you for giving us something to look forward to during the long days at home..
With respect, love and gratitude..
Chris- Sammie's mom

For those of you who have been following Sammie’s battle you may know that things are not going well and her battle is almost over. Please keep Sammie and her family in your prayers. If you would like more information please visit:


I will try to keep everyone updated as we receive thank you’s and updates from those who have received Spirit Jumps. While it is always wonderful to hear how Spirit Jump has helped we must also understand and appreciate that there are those who we will not hear from. Each person deals with their battle in different way’s and even when we do not hear back we know that each card, prayer and token gift has helped greatly.

Thank you,

Spirit Jump Team



I received an email from Sammie’s mom today and wanted to share it with all the Spirit Jumpers. Those of you who send out cards & gifts to Sammie know her story. She is a brave 11 year old girl who has been battling bone cancer for about 3 years. Unfortunately they have run out of treatment options and are now spending time together. Recently Spirit Jump ask for cards and small gifts to be sent to this family in hopes of lifting their spirits during this very difficult time. Here is what Sammie’s mom wrote me:

We have had the most amazing and thoughtful gifts coming for Sammie.. and they always drop me a note as well! Someone sent flowers.. very beautiful flowers.. handmade soaps,, teddy bears..webkinz.. everyday is a surprise.. thank you again for your compassion and kindness.

I have been trying to send thank you notes as well.. Please add that today we got the most AMAZING art work.. a collage of photos (my words do not do it justice) that brought me to my knees and made Sammie smile a very big smile.. we also got a blanket, with a collector Cabbage Patch doll..a personal teddy bear from someone that went through chemo already.. some lovely earrings.. and the cutest monkey.. All the homemade cards are so touching and SO much talent.. thank you for giving us something to look forward to during the long days at home..
With respect, love and gratitude.

Chris- Mom to Sammie
her caring bridge site is..





  1. I would so love to be a Spirit Jumper, I am a stay at home mom and daughter. I care for my aging mother. I will provide the information you need upon receiving an email. My email address is tiegrrlil@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. I'm so honored to be a part of this program. Blessings to all.

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  4. I am in tears as I write this. I sent the bear to Sammie that her mum talked about while I am on chemo, a treasured bear of mine called Hearty. I just read about Sammies fight being nearly at an end and I am overwhelmed with the injustice of it all. IT IS NOT FAIR. My prayers are with Sammie and her family right now and I am just proud and privelaged to have touched her life even though I live across the ocean xxxxx

  5. I got jumped! :o)

    I've been reading Meagan's blog for a while, now, and knew about Spirit Jump. She had emailed me twice to ask if I wanted to be a part, but I said no, since I KNOW what it's like to do this alone and now have a fabulous support system. I didn't want to take away from anyone who truly needed their spirits lifted.

    The third time she asked - and informed me that I'd been nominated more than once - I gave up and gave her my address.

    Today I got a card from her and gifts from Gena. (pics to follow) I've had a rotten week and a rotten day and these little tokens just made it all better again.

    Thank you so very much!

  6. Meaghan ... here's a real thank you for all of the Jumpers!


  7. Hi! My name is Ericka Walker and I am a Spirit Jumpee that is in her early stages of Uterine cancer. I just wanted to let everyone know that my hysterectomy went well and I am doing good and THANK EVERYONE who sent me and my family cards!!!!! I especially want to thank an anomonyous person who gave my girls gifts of horses in purses that was simply adorable!! My son recieved pirate legos which he thought was awesome and I got a beautiful FAITH necklace and an inspirational sun positive energy stone. THANKYOU. I also recieved a beautiful painting from a cancer patient.....I LOVE it!!!!! These are blessings to me and my family!!! Alll the little encouraging notes brought tears of joy that people care!!!! THANKYOU and God Bless!!! Ericka Walker & Family!

  8. THANKYOU FOR ALL OF THE PRAYERS! From Ericka Walker and Family

  9. THANK YOU Jumpers!!!! You have truly boosted my husbands spirits! With every treatment he feels worse and worse, but is always so happy when he gets a new card in the mail. You all are incredible

    Jeaneane Dial