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~Becoming A Jumper~

If you decide to be a Spirit Jumper you will be overwhelmed with the joy and warmth you feel when giving a gift. Additionally, every Spirit Jumper's blog or website is listed on our website along with their shop and/or blog. If you do have a shop and would like to offer a discount we will list that as well. To see our list of Jumpers CLICK HERE.

~How To Become A Jumper~

1- You request to be a Jumper by entering your email address in the button to the right. Upon hitting the Join button you will be asked a few questions.

2- Soon after you register you will receive a welcome email which you should save for future reference. This email will give you specific instructions on how to participate in Spirit Jump.

3- We add any shop/website/blog you may have to the jumper directory.

4- You will receive a welcome email from Spirit Jump shortly after you register.

5- If you would prefer to just donate an item/s without being added to our mailing list you can send items to Spirit Jump at 2121 W. Woolbright Rd K-101, Boynton Beach, FL, 33426. We will then forward those items on your behalf to various people who are in need of Spirit Jumps.

6- If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so here:

You Will Get an Email From Spirit Jump:

1-When we receive the name of a person who is battling cancer and needs a SJ we send out an email to the Spirit Jumper's.

2-The email goes to each person individually and not as a group. This assures that your email address is always protected and never compromised.

3-In the email you receive we will share a little about the person/people in need. Things like, name, age, type of cancer and sometimes a little about the person likes. Whatever they authorize us to share.

4- If you would like, and are able to, give that person a Jump you simply reply to our email letting us know you want to jump the persons spirits.

5-After getting your email we will reply by sending the mailing address to you.

6- Next you send the card/gift to the address we provided you with. If you could also send a quick email letting us know you did send something we would appreciate it.

7-If you would like to send us a picture of what you sent we would be happy to put it on the Spirit Jump website with a link to your shop/blog/website, if you have one. However, this is not necessary so please do not feel obligated to do so.

8-NEVER FEEL OBLIGATED TO REPLY TO OUR REQUESTS FOR JUMPERS! We keep track of who get jumps and make sure each person gets plenty. This way you do not have to feel "guilty" or worry that the person isn't getting something to lift their spirits. We only want you to send Jumps when you can.

9-NOTHING IS TOO BIG OR SMALL! You can send a simple handmade or store bought card, a book, blanket, movie.....whatever you would like.

10- Many people mention that they are not “crafty” please do not let that discourage you from participating. If you are looking for something to purchase please consider visiting one of the many Spirit Jumpers shops listed on our website under “Jumpers”. There are many shops who offer discounts (listed under "Shops Offering A Discount") as well as numerous other shops. Please keep in mind that each shop listed under "Jumpers" are all Spirit Jumpers as well.

After You Send a Spirit Jump:

1-This is a one time thing, you are not "adopting" the person in need. This is what makes us a little different from the other cancer charities out there that send gifts.

2- You can send one gift or if you want you can send a gift each week. Its really up to you.

3-When we receive updates on the people who have received jumps we will either email you or post it on

4- You do not have to send the gift/card immediately. Take your time and never feel rushed. A spirit jump works no matter what day it is.

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