How Spirit Jump Works

Spirit Jump is a soon to be non-profit-organization with the goal of lifting the spirits of men, women and children who are battling cancer & other debilitating diseases. Spirit Jump was created and is run by Meaghan & Stacy who battled/battle cancer.

The way it works is easy:

1- You request to be a Jumper & provide us with any blog/site you may have. It does not matter if you do not have any blog or website.

2- We add you to our email distribution list of Jumpers.

3- We add any shop/website/blog you may have to the jumper directory.

4- Then just wait to get an email from Spirit Jump.

5- If you would like a list of suggestions for gifts email us and we will provide you with one. These are only suggestions & by no means the only types of things people enjoy.

6- If you would prefer to just donate an item/s without being added to our mailing list you can send items to Meaghan or Stacy at the following addresses. We will then forward those items on your behalf to various people who are in need of Spirit Jumps.

When You Get an Email From Spirit Jump:

1-When we receive the name of a person who is battling cancer or a debilitating disease & needs a SJ we send out an email to the SJ's.

2-The email is sent BLIND CC so that your email address is always protected and never compromised.

3-In the email you receive we will share a little about the person/people in need. Things like, name, age, type of cancer and sometimes a little about the person likes. Whatever they authorize us to share.

4- If you would like, and are able to, give that person a Jump you simply reply to our email letting us know you want to jump the persons spirits.

5-After getting your email we will reply by sending the mailing address to you.

6- Next you send the card/gift to the address we provided you with. If you could also send a quick emailing letting us know you did send something we would appreciate it.

7-If you would like to send us a picture of what you sent we would be happy to put it on the Spirt Jump website with a link to your shop/blog/website, if you have one. However, this is not necessary so please do not feel obligated to do so.

8-NEVER FEEL OBLIGATED TO REPLY TO OUR REQUESTS FOR JUMPERS! We keep track of who get jumps and make sure each person gets plenty. This way you do not have to feel "guilty" or worry that the person isn't getting something to lift their spirits. We only want you to send Jumps when you can.

9-NOTHING IS TOO SMALL! You can send a simple handmade or store bought card, a book, blanket, movie.....whatever you would like.

10- Many people mention that they are not “crafty” please do not let that discourage you from participating. If you are looking for something to purchase please consider visiting one of the many Spirit Jumpers shops listed on our website under “Jumpers”. The shops with an * next to them will give Spirit Jumpers discounts and send the gift directly to the person needing a jump with a personalized card from you. Just let them know you are part of Spirit Jump and purchasing a gift as a Spirit Jump.

After You Send a Spirit Jump:

1-This is a one time thing, you are not "adopting" the person in need. This is what makes us a little different from the other cancer charities out there that send gifts.

2- You can send one gift or if you want you can send a gift each week. Its really up to you.

3-When we receive updates on the people who have received jumps we will either email you or post it on

4- You do not have to send the gift/card immediately. Take your time and never feel rushed. A spirit jump works no matter what day it is.

If You No Longer Want to Receive E-mails From Us

1- No problem. Just send us an email saying you would like to be removed as a Spirit Jumper. If at a later time you wish to join again just send us an email.

2- Please keep in mind that although you receive emails you are never expected to respond and we only ask you do so when you can. Because of this it is not necessary for you to sign up or be removed unless you really don’t want to get our emails any longer.

3- We understand that it can be upsetting to get emails about so many people who are suffering. But please keep in mind that your small tokens of support really do make a HUGE difference in these peoples lives.

If You Know Someone In Need:

1- If you know someone who is batting cancer, another debilitating disease, struggling to support someone through an illness or has recently lost a loved one please contact us.

2- The only requirement for receiving a Spirit Jump is that the person must agree to it and be comfortable with us sharing their mailing address. Some people will actually get a P.O Box for the purpose of receiving their Spirit Jumps.

3- We only ask the person in need to share whatever information they feel comfortable with. There is no requirement that they allow us to share the type of cancer they have, treatments they are undergoing etc....We only share what the person feels comfortable sharing.

4- Just send us an email with Need A Jump in the subject line and we will do everything we can to help.

One Last Requirement:

1- Due to the strict HIPAA regulations we are required to keep a record of the Spirit Jump matches we make between our Jumpers and our Patients. The only additional information we need from you is your contact information - Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Email (which we already have) as well as your own personal blog/website/etsy site etc. if you happen to have one.

We really look forward to working with you while we do all we can to support all of the people fighting this terrible disease. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask,

Meaghan & Stacy


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