Chemo Caps for People in Need of a Jump

Today's post is a wonderful offer by our good friend and Spirit Jumper Noradora. She has made some wonderful Chemo Caps that would make a great Spirit Jump gift for someone who is losing or has lost their hair due to chemo.

There are also lots more shops who offer great discounts when you purchase a gift for a Spirit Jump. All shops donate gifts to people battling as well so I encourage you to purchase gifts for people battling from them. To check out all the jumpers just click on JUMPERS on the top bar of this website :)

Hi Spirit Jumpers!

Having been inspired by this spirited group, I have Crocheted With Love a stylish hat from my own original design. I have chosen the softest of soft yarn for comfort and any recipient could wear this style for casual or dress up and be comfortable at all times.

If you are a member of “Spirit Jump” and would like to purchase this hat to jump the spirits of someone with cancer, please visit my shop Noradoramora , convo me and I will make a reserved listing for you and reduce the price to $13. I have this hat in 19 different colors.

In addition to these "Crocheted With Love Hats" I additionally offer a 10% discount to a Spirit Jumper who buys other hats or items from my shop to jump the spirits of someone from our list. This 10% discount does not apply to the "Crocheted With Love Hat" as I will discount that hat by $5.00 when you place your order.

This is the information I would need if you want to purchase one of my hats to send:

-Name of person you are sending this to.
-Address of same
-Special note (I will copy it and print to send with hat).

My special thanks to Meaghan and Stacy for making it possible for me to offer this to our Spirit Jumpers!

Noreen aka NoraDoraMora and Noradora


  1. Hi Spirit Jump-ers! I am so THANKFUL for the cards and gifts you sent to me! I have a request and I hope it's okay. I really LOVE the hats on this post, but I don't have the money to buy them. My hair is starting to fall out again. : ( The hats I DO have are all too hot. I live in MN., so you can imagine that I would mostly have heavy hats. If anyone could help me, it would really lift my Spirits! Sending Love to ALL of you who CARE so much! Jo

  2. Those caps are amazing! Love it!

  3. Lovely, bright colors on those pretty caps to help lift someone's spirit. Thank you, Nora!

  4. I love these caps. Very lovely :)

  5. Lovely hats and acts of kindness. Spirit Jump makes a difference.

    Thank you Nora!

  6. I had to come back and tell you that I am now the owner of FIVE of these SOFT, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL chemo caps! I want to say a Special Thank You, to ALL of you who purchased them thru Nora, but especially to that Precious lady herself! I LOVE Nora! I've had the Joy of speaking on the phone with her after my surgery and I just fell in love with her sweet Southern drawl! And, she made a very special PINK cap for me! They are PERFECT for anyone going thru ant type of hair loss. Thanks, again to Nora and the Spirit Jumpers who touched my Life!
    God Bless! Love, Jo