How Spirit Jump has helped Sammie & her Mom

I received an email from Sammie’s mom today and wanted to share it with all the Spirit Jumpers. Those of you who send out cards & gifts to Sammie know her story. She is a brave 11 year old girl who has been battling bone cancer for about 3 years. Unfortunately they have run out of treatment options and are now spending time together. Recently Spirit Jump ask for cards and small gifts to be sent to this family in hopes of lifting their spirits during this very difficult time. Here is what Sammie’s mom wrote me:

We have had the most amazing and thoughtful gifts coming for Sammie.. and they always drop me a note as well! Someone sent flowers.. very beautiful flowers.. handmade soaps,, teddy bears..webkinz.. everyday is a surprise.. thank you again for your compassion and kindness.

I have been trying to send thank you notes as well.. Please add that today we got the most AMAZING art work.. a collage of photos (my words do not do it justice) that brought me to my knees and made Sammie smile a very big smile.. we also got a blanket, with a collector Cabbage Patch doll..a personal teddy bear from someone that went through chemo already.. some lovely earrings.. and the cutest monkey.. All the homemade cards are so touching and SO much talent.. thank you for giving us something to look forward to during the long days at home..
With respect, love and gratitude.

Chris- Mom to Sammie
her caring bridge site is..



  1. I am truely moved to tears. Meaghan & Stacy spirit jump has changed me. You girls are wonderful! Chris, Sammie & your family remain in my thoughts & prayers!
    much love,
    Marianne McCarthy

  2. I am proud to be a part of this, yet so sad at how so many of them will end.