Spirit Jump is currently looking to fill some important committees.  If you think any of these are a good match for you please email and we will get you more information.

Planned Giving Committee:  works with donors to help them make their charitable giving more effective, meaningful and enjoyable. Helps Spirit Jump plan fundraiser events that bring in donations as well as create awareness. We are looking for people who are creative, energetic and motivated to help Spirit Jump grow.

Other Committees: We are currently looking to set up several committees and are looking for people with the following backgrounds

-Public Relations experience
-Financial background i.e. accounting & money management
- Photography and video
-Social Media
-Nonprofit legal expertise
-Oncologists & Nurses
-Any type of nonprofit background


Currently Spirit Jump is attempting to be nominated for #nonprofit in the Shorty Awards. The five nonprofits to get the most votes will be considered for excellence over the past year. The awards recognize each content creator's entire body of work, not just an individual tweet. Nominations are made by sending a tweet.

In February, the nominees will be narrowed down to five finalists in each category. Winners will be determined by a combination of popular vote and by the members of the new Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. An awards ceremony, complete with 140-character acceptance speeches, will be held in March in New York City.

You can only nominate Spirit Jump 1 time and here is how to do it:

Tweet the following from your Twitter account:

I nominate @Spiritjump for a Shorty Award in #nonprofit because... (add reason here)

The more votes Spirit Jump receives the more recognition we will get and that means helping more cancer fighters!


Below are photos of some of the wonderful items that have been donated through the Spirit Jump program. We want to remind all of you that although you may find some of these items to be more extravagant the magic of Spirit Jump is that NO gift is too small. A small card provides a big Jump to those in need. We encourage(not mandatory) you to provide us with a picture of any Spirit Jumps you send so that we may share it here.

Made & Donated By: Self Symmetry

Made & Donated By :

Tic Tac Toe Game Made & Donated By Stephanie at Two Kazoos

Made & Donated by

Made & Donated By Wendie's Art & Photo

Made & Donated By: Nana's Box

Made & Donated By Lagomorph

Made & Donated By: Chasing My Star

Donated By BK Designs

Made & Donated by

Donated By Anonymous

Donated By Wendie's Art & Photo

Made & Donated by DK Designs

Made & Donated by DK Designs

donated by BK Designs

Made & Donated By: Windrose Fiber Studio

Donated By: BK Designs

Cards Donated By Card Cycle

Donated By @caroltweets

Donated By Mandy

Donated By Debra

Donated By Constance

Donated & Made By: Chasing My Star

Donated By Tabitha @ I Choose Bliss

DONATED BY: Barbara Plyler

Hand Painted & Donated By: Dana Marie Art

Donated & Made By: @SunnyBuns

Donated by BK Designs

Donated by BK Designs

Donated by BK Designs

Donated by BK Designs

Donated By Carol

Donated By @Whipoorwill
Charm Donated By: Self Symmetry
"Jo's Blankie" Created & Donated by: SunFrog Originals

Made & Donated by He Calls Her Lemon Pie

Created & Donated By Charms of Light

Created & Donated By Wendy

Created & Donated By Kristen of Kristen's Custom Creations

Created & Donated By Sarah at: The Cottage Garden Studio

Hand-Made Felt Items Created & Donated By: Karen's Felt Works

Hopes & Dreams Necklace Donated By: Jennifer at Wind Rose Fiber Studio

DONATED BY: Kat from Self Symmetry

DONATED BY: Marie Maglaque

Misc. Soaps Donated by: Carol & Hot Wax Art

Donated By: Silver Dot Jewelry
Donated by: Carol & Hot Wax Art

Donated By: DLK Designs

Donated by: Serendipity Factory

Donated by: Maygreen-Fairies

Donated by: Krissy from Thinking-of-Blue

Donated By: Dina Tibbs

Donated By: Sacha Brady

Created & Donated By: Noradora

Donated by: Curly Q Cuties!

Donated By: Silver Sachet

DONATED BY: Noreen Farrington
DONATED BY: Michelle Kolachi

DONATED BY: Noreen Farrington

Hand-Made Pendants Donated by: Erin at Bits of Flair

Hand-Made Pink Ribbon Angel Charms

Hand-Made Art Donated by: Frannie's Heart

Hand-Made Cards Donated by: Cards By Amy's Angels

Hand Made Cards by: UrbanDebris Artlog

Care Package Donated by: Eye Kandy Glassware & Gifts

Journal Donated by: CBCrafts

Hand-Made Crocheted Hat Donated by: Noradora

Donated by: Tabitha DeGruy

Hand-Made Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace
and Cell Phone Dangler
Donated by: Jewelry By Janine

Donated by: Constance Deeney

Donated By: Sauk Mountain Lavender Farm

Donated By: Tara's TieUps

Donated By: Crafty Moose

Painting Created & Donated By: Tracy Griffin


  1. Just wonderful! God bless all you caring spirits! The world needs more people like you!

  2. Wow, what beautiful items. How will this raffle work? These are great!!! Such beautiful work by so many giving hands!!!

  3. I saw some of mine and my moms jumps! Thank you all for lifting our spirits!

  4. I came across this organization last week and I am instantly attached. My husband's father died from cancer when my husband was only 14 years old. Now we have a son together and we want him to know of his grandfather. Donating/making cards in his grandfather's name will be a great way for our son to make a connection with him and share smiles/spread some joy together as a family.

  5. My friend Erica (see above post!) got me involved with this organization and I am proud to say that we have made over 200 cards in the last week! My aunt is helping with calligraphy, my mom and I are making the cards, and even my 90 year old grandmother is helping to cut and create inspirational messages. I lost my best friend, Jake Foster, to bone cancer a few years ago, and have been looking for an organization where I can help others in memory of him. This organization was a perfect way to be creative, uplifting and helpful, and I look forward to continuing to work with you all :-)

    Hamilton, NJ

  6. I am so anxious to get started. I am a four year cancer survivor and will always remember the joy I received when the mail brought a special remembrance from someone.