If you are visiting this site because you received a card through Cards 4 Cancer Day WELCOME! You can receive cards year round from people around the world who want to help lift your spirits. Please take a moment to read through this page to learn how you can get more cards for yourself or your loved one.

To learn more and to sign up visit www.cards4cancer.org

What Is Spirit Jump

Spirit Jump is a 501(c)(3) grassroots nonprofit organization with a mission to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children battling cancer. Spirit Jump accomplishes this by providing uplifting cards and inspirational gifts during this most difficult time.

How You Can Help

Become a Spirit Jumper and send cards or small gifts to those battling cancer. When you become a Spirit Jumper we provide you with the names, stories and pictures of men, women and children battling cancer. If any of these stories touch you let us know and we will provide you with their mailing address. This is a direct way for YOU to help the many in need.

There are no membership fees, minimum requirements, "adoptions" etc... all we ask is that you read the stories and send Spirit Jumps to those who touch you. Enter you email address in the space below and click "join" to become a Spirit Jumper.

How We Can Help You

If you or someone you know could use a Spirit Jump we would love to help. We have a short application to be completed by the person who will receive Spirit Jumps. You can access this application by clicking the link below or you can email us at needaspiritjump@spiritjump.com if you need any additional information or assistance in completing the application.

The amazing thing about Spirit Jump is that both the person giving a gift (Jumper) often has their spirit lifted just as much as the person receiving the gift (Jumpee).

Its Almost Time For Cards For Cancer Day

Check back soon for our new interactive website

As many of you know Spirit Jump has been working on our first big project, Cards For Cancer Day.  This small idea has turned into a virtual and ground movement! In a little over a month our Cards For Cancer Fanpage has reached over 7k fans and over 1k people around the world have officially signed up to make, collect and deliver cards to cancer patients around the world.

A few years ago we never would have imagined that an idea could turn into a project over night then become a movement in weeks reaching over 7 countries.  Social Media platforms have allowed us to reach supporters who speak different languages, live in different time zones and embrace different cultures. Yet it has been accomplished because no matter what continent you stand on or language you speak cancer touches all our lives in the same ways. No matter your culture, kindness and humanity lives in all our hearts. 

In the next two weeks thousands of cards will be delivered to hundreds of cancer centers throughout the world. Our goal of delivering 100,000 will surely be reached.  Visit our Cards For Cancer Day blog www.cards4cancer.org become a fan on Facebook/cardsforcancer and follow us on Twitter to watch how this small idea quickly spreads around the world.

Online Cause Marketing.....Is It Good?

There has been a lot of chatter about online cause marketing over the past several months.  Chase Bank, Pepsi, PayPal and Ebay are only a few of the many companies who use cause minded contests to hand out cash to charities. Spirit Jump has taken full advantage of several of these contests and that has given us first hand knowledge about what works, what doesn't and why social cause marketing should be the wave of social media future.

Recently blogger Beth Kanter posed a question on her blog: "Should We Just Blow Up Nonprofit "Vote For Me" Social Good Contests? We were shocked at the number of comments in favor of doing away with "Vote-For-Me" social good contests. Many people claimed that it was too easy to cheat, that the contests pitted one charity against another and that in the end the bad outweighed the good. 

While we agree these contests are not perfect there are many invaluable reasons why individuals, companies and nonprofits should not shy away from "Vote-For-Me" social good contests:

  1. For small nonprofits online contests provide the opportunity to be seen. While you may not win the big Pepsi grant, your nonprofit will be seen by hundreds of thousands stopping by to check what all the buzz is about. These large companies advertise their social good contests everywhere including television, online and radio. Nonprofits benefit from this mass advertising.
  2. "Vote-For-Me" contests allow the community to make a decision/have a voice. Under normal circumstances foundation funds and grants are given based on the decisions of board members, and usually to the same charities year after year.  Social media has opened those board room doors allowing other charities a chance at funding and allow YOU to help decide what charity should be the recipient.
There are many reasons why cause marketing and social good contests work but mostly they provide an opportunity to participate in a process that has been, for the most part, because it gives individuals and charities a voice.

Cards 4 Cancer Day Video

We made this video using pictures of cards made by people around the world. We are putting on a project called Cards 4 Cancer Day. On or around 4-10-10 people around the world will be delivering cards they have made & collected to local cancer centers. We are looking for people around the world to help us with this project.

To get the word out Spirit Jump is throwing a contest to encourage people to blog and make videos about Cards 4 Cancer Day.  There are 5 $50.00 gift certificates up for grabs from One Hope Wine.  You can get amazing wine, gift baskets, wine openers and more. There will be 5 winners here is how you can get one of these $50.00 gift certificates:

1) The Cards For Cancer Day blog post that receives the most comments by noon (EST) 3/16/10- Contest has been extended to 3/22

2) The most creative blog post about Cards For Cancer Day by noon (EST) 3/16/10- 3/22

3) The two most creative & fun YouTube videos about Cards For Cancer Day by noon (EST) 3/16/10-3/22

4) The team to recruit the most team members from 3/9/10-3/16/10. For a team member to count they must sign up using a full name and email address.  The team member must also type in the name of the team they are joining.-Contest has been extended to 3/22

To be considered for this contest you must email the link to your blog post and/or YouTube video to cards4cancer@spiritjump.org  Submissions must be received by noon (EST) Tuesday March 16.  Winners will be announced live on the Spirit Jump Show 3/16/10 8-9pm EST.  Winners will also get an opportunity to be guests on our show that night!

You can read previous blog posts to help you write yours HERE

If you want to start a team you can do so by clicking HERE

2 Tickets To Gravity Summit Up For Grabs



Attention L.A. based nonprofits! We're giving away two free all access passes to attend the Gravity Summit conference at UCLA.  The Social Media For Social Good Workshop's panel of experts will teach nonprofit attendees tools and strategies to build an audience using social media, and get the attention of brands interested in cause marketing.

So, nonprofits we want to hear from YOU. Leave a comment with a question you'd like answered by the Social Media for Social Good panel. The winning questions will be presented to the panel and a representative from your nonprofit will receive a full access pass to attend the Gravity Summit Conference 2-22-10.

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