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These reviews have been collected and posted by Great Non Profits a place to find, review, and talk about great -- and perhaps not so great -- nonprofits. During July, more than 46,000 people visited the GreatNonprofits Web site, and 1864 reviews were posted about more than 120 cancer-fighting organizations. Spirit Jump was the winner of the 2009 Cancer Fighter Award, Best of the South. We won this award by receiving the most positive reviews out of ALL the Southern Cancer Charities including American Cancer Society and Cancer Schmancer Foundation. We have collected our reviews and posted them here for you to read. If you would like to contribute a review of our organization you can do so by CLICKING HERE

"Hi, I can't remember if I've already written a review, if I did please excuse me. I met Meaghan when she came to Brigham and Women's Hospital, where I work. She was a delight to be with, very inspiring and kind. I participated in Spirit Jump last year and it made me feel good on the inside to send a little something special to a very sick little boy. I recommend Spirit Jump for anyone who wants to spread some cheer and/or do a good deed." ~Mish520

"I have been involved in charity work for many years and I can honestly say that Spirit Jump is the one that I like the most. My cousin is an inspiration to everyone that hears her story and her dedication to this group is an example that all charities need to look at. She never gave up and her strength is now the catalyst for one of the most wonderful organizations in existence. I would strongly urge anyone who reads this to devote whatever spare time and resources you can give to help people who truly need it and will genuinely appreciate every second and every penny you can give." ~Chris Kunkel

"I've been participating for a few months now, and find the opportunity to give whenever I can. Not only is the Spirit Jump a worthy cause in lifting so many spirits, when you participate, the benefits are monumental to the receipient - and to you." ~Distinctive

"I think that Spirit Jump is a truly lovely thing to be a part of! I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to volunteer. The idea is simple and yet so huge. It is so simple to volunteer and there are no pressures, it is really fantastic. It is a real example of what the human spirit can accomplish when put to the test. I'm proud to be apart of such a group and hope to contribute as often as I can. Sometimes just knowing you are not alone makes all the difference. Spirit Jump allows strangers to connect across the the world in a really unique way. It also supports and encourages handmade artisans and their businesses. People continue to amaze me everyday. The founders of Spirit Jump...amaze me. Spirit Jump is wonderful." ~ Say Anything Notes

"Spirit Jump is such a worthy organization! Helping to boost the spirits of people fighting cancer, letting them know that other people care about them and what they are going through, can help those people better muster their own inner strengths to keep on going. This sincere, enthusiastic, and well organized non profit changes lives!" ~JFiera

"I think this is a beautiful idea. Having had many close to me fight the cancer battle I've seen how important it is to feel you're not alone." ~andih

"I haven't been too involved in Spirit Jump but my mom has, and somedays it's all she talks about. She loves sending cards to people who have cancer and other diseases. My sister died in May of 2008 and my mom is a Spirit Jumper in my sister's honor. I think Spirit Jump is a great thing." ~Owdadodge

"This is such a great idea! It is so easy to take a few minutes and let someone in pain know you are thinking of them. thanks to Spirit jump for making it easier to pass our thoughts along and hopefully brightening someones day" ~Jenbury

"Phenomenal nonprofit whose primary focus in lifting the spirits of those battling cancer. I'm a spirit jumper and have witnessed firsthand the amazing difference in makes in the emotional well-being of those receiving jumps." ~dj0811

"@AmyB11569 has gone through an unbelievable amount of challenges with her oldest son as well as her own health. She has mentioned several times how much Spirit Jump has meant to her and I wanted to offer that feedback. Leslie Godwin" ~ leslieg818

"Meaghan is an amazing woman and I'm so proud of all the great work she's done to help lift spirits. I've been a Spirit Jumper for several months now and it's one of the best things I've done. Thank you!!" ~Katlovesyoga

"I met Meaghan & Bryan during a radio interview earlier this week. Their stories are inspirational. I immediately signed-up to become a Spirit Jumper." ~jjschneyer

"Amazing organization- I saw spirit jump first hand when working in the hospital one day and then decided to join." ~Brittdoz

"This group is run by a wonderful person who knows of the battles cancer patients go thru and this group is all about giving. They enable us " Spirit Jumpers " to do what we can to give someone a lift, it may only be a card but it brings joy. We are kept up to date on how people are. I have been able to send cards to a number of families and also to the children. Living in Australia I can only afford to send cards but I know by the feedback provided that these are much appreciated. With the up to date information we get I can send cards to new people whilst still sending cards to my previous contacts. I can chose who I am able to help from the information given. Only small things but thankyou for starting such a positive group." ~Tealatwo

"Spirit Jump helped my roommate, Jenny (@tattooed_lady) when she got sick. She has ovarian cancer, but her liver was failing."

"Hear about this great organization at Christmas time... When my IRL friend AmyB was diagnosed with cancer. The outpouring of uplifting cards and gifts not only for her, but her oldest son Philip (who has other serious medical issues) has been fantastic! I have seen how much SpiritJump has blessed Amy, Philip and the whole family."

"My daughter Peyton was born with Ewing Sarcoma. I dealt with her cancer diagnosis for over a year before I found Spirit Jump or I should say they found me. Meaghan was sincere with her concern for my daughter and wanted to offer there "Jumps" not only for her but for me as well. I was inspired and lifted by the kind words and generosity of complete strangers and could never be thankful enough for all that the Spirit Jumpers did for me and my daughter. Now my daughter is in remission but i still hear from Spirit Jump and the jumpers always caring for the continued health of my dear daughter. I will always be grateful for this incredible charity and what they did for us."

"My daughter, Jenny, has ovarian cancer and ended up in the hospital with liver failure a few weeks ago. The people at Spirit Jump rallied around her like nothing I have seen before. She treasures every card, item, and visit."

"I have seen Spirit Jump raise the spirits of a family with a mom who is fighting cancer and a son Philip who has dealt with multiple brain operations and a stroke. This family has been blessed by Spirit Jump on a weekly basis."

"Spirit Jump helps to fill a much needed void. Those affected by catastrophic diseases often feel alone and are unable to enjoy the lives they once had. Being able to touch the lives of those in need has filled a void in my spirit as well. I have lost several people I love due to cancer. It is uplifting to be able to bring some happiness to others in their time of crisis."

"Writing for Amy B. and her son Phillip. Spirit Jump has been a great blessing to them. Thank you for all that you do."

"Spirit Jump makes a positive difference in the lives of those suffering with chronic and often terminal illnesses. You simply can't put a price tag on it. I appreciate this wonderful non-profit organization and hope that they continue to grow and bless people."

"Spirit Jump is great because they help people all over the world who are battling cancer. It gives people the opportunity to make a difference - and it only takes sen It only takes a card. Meaghan has done a wonderful job with this charity!"

"I learned of Spirit Jump through my wife. I think this is a great organization with an awesome way of helping people."

"Spirit Jump made my friend Amyb and her son Philip smile for a little while. Your kindness during their struggles is so appreciated. Amy struggling with Cancer and Philip with so many struggles with health since birth. Your kindness is such a blessing..."

"I'll tell ya, this first time my wife said "Spirit Jumper" I gave her a look of "What the...?" But then I sat down and looked at all the things that you do. WOW!!! I had no idea how uplifting all of you are. Hats off to the real heroes battling the enemy!!"

"Spirit Jump is a great organization. My wife is a jumper and I think she benefits as much as the jumpees!"

"I don't really know what to say other than my dear friend Amy who is battling breast cancer and her sweet son, Philip who has survived 19 brain operations and is battling seizures and immense pain, have truly been lifted by Spirit Jump. I just wanted to put this out there on their behalf."

"I have heard so many positive things from people that received a spirit jump. And those who do the jumping are just as blessed. Even just sending something simple as a note or card can really lift someone's spirits right when they need it. It is amazing how so many people that don't even know each other can reach out and say a kind word or send a small gift. This is just a great idea."

"Spirit Jump is a God-send...I'm honored to be a small part of this humble organization. I know I'm lifting up someone, at their greatest time of need, with whatever I am able to offer. These small tokens of extended frendship and love have returned as a blessing to me. God Bless You, Spirit Jump ~ Sparrow"

"Sprit Jump is an organization that connects people through a "cancer club." As a cancer survivor, I know how much letters, notes, thoughts and prayers help during the dark days of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. That little lift that someone out there is thinking of me or that someone has survived the same illness gives the survivor the strength to "soldier on" and complete treatment and recovery."

"Spirit Jump is an amazing organization that brings so much to cancer patients without requiring a big investment from those who wish to give. Sometimes it is the little things that can make a world of difference for those who are ill. Spirit Jump provides the pathway to those people who need their spirit jumped. This is something everyone can do."

"Great concept turned non-profit that has touched the lives of those in need of encouragement as well as the joy in helping others."

"The concept of Spirit Jump is amazing. I was drawn to the organization when my Mother became very ill. She often cared for others with her nurturing personality. During her battle for cancer I needed to find a way to boost her spirit and Spirit Jump was it! The caring cards and notes from Spirit Jumpers lifted not only my Mother but my entire family. When my Mother passed we asked individuals that wanted to give something in her honor to become Spirit Jumpers. She would want others to benefit from the kindness of others and this was a perfect way to pay to forward and make an impact in the lives of others!"

"This is a wonderful way to help others and I enjoy giving spirit jumps. People need a lift now and then and spirit jumps are a way to help both the person battling cancer and the person giving the jumps !!!!"

"I am proud to be part of such a wonderful organization that touches the lives of many in need of a "boost" during their fight!"

"I am amazed by the work Spirit Jump does. It's all about Paying It Forward and making a difference. You can only truly understand about cancer if you have in some way "been there." I am proud to be a spirit jumper!"

"I just started as a Spirit Jumper and couldn't be more proud of the decision! I learned about the organization through an amazing and inspiring colleague of mine, Laura Levitan and was eager to learn more. The day I joined I received several warm welcomes from Spirit Jump members and those types of gestures show how absolutely inspiring the Spirit Jumpers and Jumpees are. I am looking forward to getting more involved as a jumper and also looking forward to spreading the word about this amazing organization that provides hope and kindness to those in need."

"I'm quite a new Spirit Jumper and I have to say that I admire greatly the dedication, energy and love that oozes from the people at Spirit Jump.To do something for someone is simply wonderful. I like to give back by donating love, hugs, hope and prayers (virtual ones or real). My husband had a kidney transplant in 2000; I was in a foreign country with almost no help & almost no knowledge of the language. I know what it's like to see someone you love in pain and to not know if they would survive or not. We did not have SpiritJump at that time but I know what it is like to feel isolated and in need of understanding and compassion, that's why I enjoy giving to people who are in need of the love, understanding and compassion, and to let them know someone out there is rooting for them with all their heart and soul. Keep up the great work!!!"

"Spirit Jump is such a wonderful organization that lifts the hearts and spirits of those who are truly in need of support. I am touched to know that there are people out there who genuinely care about others enough - even those who don't know eachother - to reach out and send a little TLC and put a smile on someone's face."

"Spirit Jump is an amazing organization! The founders have worked so hard to create this wonderful charity. Spirit jumpers bring hope and comfort to so many people with cancer."

"Spirit Jump is a wonderful charity because it allows people to give directly to those in need of support. This is a fantastic organization."

"Spirit Jump is an amazing charity with a fabulous goal - to lift up those in need. The organization has a great team of dedicated people working to help this charity grow. Spirit Jump has helped me share the lesson of compassion with my 6-year old daughter."

"Spirit Jump is a 5 star organization! As volenteers we get to hear life changing stories of people in a difficult time in their lives and respond with care and compassion. I love to hear the stories about how Spirit Jump helps the Jumpee but the affect it has on the Jumper is amazing as well!"

"I first met spirit jump through the story of a collegue. Her life and the way that she wanted to lead it and the incredible journey that Spirit jump took is an inspiration to those who thik there is no hope for them. I am thankful each and every day that Meaghan and the spirit group are there to lift those who need help. God bless them. I wish them well and every success Mark M"

"Spirit Jump is a wonderful organization. The dedicated founders provide a tremendous service. Volunteers and donors can feel comfortable that contributions are utilized in the best possible way."

"I love being a member of Spirit Jump, where the heart of the matter is the heart matters! I think in this economy especially, it's good to give because even if we don't have money, we can give from our hearts, and that is priceless. I love this charity because they really show us anyone can make a difference, and let everyone know, no matter what they face, they are loved. Spirit Jump is a precious charity. I've had people worry about the people receiving things, but know SJ checks everything out and is trustworthy. It's nice to have that these days!"

"I love being a Spirit Jumper! It warms my heart to know that I'm bringing a ray of sunshine to people who are experiencing life's toughest storms. I know that it works because I've received thank you cards for my cards. It's an amazing movement and I'm honored to be a part of Spirit Jump!"

"To be a part of Spirit Jump as a "jumper" is an honor. I look forward to getting the list of those in need of encouragement every week. Spirit Jump has proven to be a heartfelt organization who really cares. I love the fact that they make it so easy to participate and never ever make me feel like I have to donate lots of money, etc. I choose what I want to send and who to send it to. I am a 13 year stage IV cancer survivor. One of the brightest moments of each long day in bed recovering from chemo and intensive radiation treatments was when the mail came. I still remember (and saved) ALL of the cards that I received during that time. Thank you Spirit Jump founders for coming up with such an AWESOME idea! May you be blessed in your journey!!"

"Spirit Jump is the most incredible organization I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. The charitable efforts of its founder, Meaghan not only help cancer victims, but uplift the spirits of the people who have answered the Spirit Jump call as well. There is nothing that compares to the “feel good” that comes with helping out another, especially when the chips are really down. Sending cups of kindness to friends in need is what it’s all about, and Spirit Jump affords me that opportunity (right from my own livingroom, no less!). Aside from motherhood, I never felt like I was making a real difference in the world, until Spirit Jump crossed my path. I can’t say thank you enough for this organization. Spirit Jump serves to remind us all that we ALL matter."

"I love this organization. What a great way to reach out, especially for those of us who can't afford to donate tons of money. Anyone can send a card to cheer up someone with cancer and we all know family or friends that have battled cancer. The fact that it is run by a cancer survivor just inspires me!"

"I found out about SpiritJump when a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. The outpouring of love and cards from jumpers is absolutely amazing. The founders give freely of their time and hearts. The jumpers (of which I'm one) have the flexibility to help where and when they see fit. It's as simple as sending out a card... to Jump the spirits of those cancer fighters."

"Spirit Jump>>>>>>>>> what an amazing organization.I can't wait to get more involved and be able to bring a smile to someone battling such a fight. Thanks Meaghan :)"

"I am so glad that I found Spirit Jump. I enjoy sending packages out to those battling cancer in the hopes that it will brighten their day."

"I myself am a cancer survivor. Right before I was diagnosed I moved away from my family. I had my husband who was a great support but I sure needed to know others were out there and cared. Each day I sat in my bed barely able to breathe. I was pregnant too. It was so much to bear. Unfortunately I didn't have Spirit Jump at the time but I just know what gave me the most encouragement was the card or friendly gift from someone letting me know I was not forgotten. I was cared for and that is what Spirit Jump does! Just a couple of months ago my sister in law lost her own sister to Leukemia so I requested a Spirit Jump for her and let tell you she was ecstatic. It made her smile during a time when smiles are rare and that alone makes it all worth it!"

"I joined Spirit Jump as a one year survivor of Breast Cancer. I know firsthand how much it means to know that someone is thinking of you, and cheering you on. I also know that not everyone has the support system that I was blessed with. I saw Spirit Jump as a wonderful way to give back. My 10 year old daughter and I have made this an activity we share together. I hadn't expected that we would get as much, if not more out of joining Spirit Jump as the recipients, but we both definitely have. We read the updates together, decide what to send, package up our little gifts together. Janey enjoys addressing the packages, and feels the more stickers and decorations the better, so our gifts arrive wrapped in art. I am so proud of my little girl and the love she puts into Spirit Jump. I know the recipients feel it, and what a wonderful gift for US to be able to lift the spirits of patients and families who are in the same shoes we were in a year ago."

"I am a volunteer Spirit Jumper and I LOVE this organization! It's great because you can make a positive impact on other people's lives, but you can fit it into your schedule because it's so flexible :)"

"I absolutely LOVE this Charity! In the process of dealing with surgeries and also having several friends and family members fighting cancer as well. It has become my passion to promote it, as well as give to it. It's really a positive and rewarding experience to know that anything I make or send is going to bring a smile to someone's face. I love to hear all the updates and see all the different items that people have sent. Thanks Meaghan for turning me onto it!"

"My own spirit cannot help but jump when I think of this organization. The women who run this organization are just absolutely beautiful and their passion just shines! I love that the purpose of Spirit Jump is to not just give money but to also give love, hope, and hugs as a form of donation. You cannot help but to fall in love with all "Jumpers" and "Jumpees". I heart Sprirt Jump!"

"I am not quite sure how I found Spirit Jump but it has been such a rewarding experience for me. Sending one of my crocheted hats or other items from my Etsy shop has brought me much happiness. When the call comes that there are people needing jumps can be very emotional reading their stories. Just knowing that there will be a smile on their face when they receive your package makes your heart swell!"

"Most of us don’t need statistics to show us the insidiousness of this illness. We have all been touched by it in some way. I lost my mother to cancer one short month ago. When my mother was very ill, Spirit Jump reached out to her offering her comfort and putting a smile on her face. She was touched and moved that someone that had never even met her cared enough to send her a comfortable pillow and to let her know they cared. After her loss, it has been my privilege to join this organization and help reach out to others who are fighting this disease. It’s simple – as a “Spirit Jumper” you remind someone that, even though you might not know them personally, you care about them, you stand with them in their battle, and you are sending up a prayer that God will grant them strength and courage every day. For that, I am humbled and feel honored to be a part of this organization. To Spirit Jump and all the “Jumpees” out there that may be reading this, thank you for letting me be part of this movement. All of you are in my heart and prayers."

"I have been a Spirit Jumper for several months and am amazed by the work this organization puts into helping those with cancer! I am so proud to be a part of helping to put a smile on peoples' faces!"

"Amazing people running Spirit Jump. Wish this was around before my brother and mothers passing, what a difference it would have made for everyone."

"Spirit Jump is such a unique organization. It works on the old fashioned principal of people helping people! My brother recently passed away after a long hard fight with kidney cancer. A blog friend of mine told me about Spirit Jump, and I contacted them right away with our story. They hurried and tried to help Mike before he lost his battle. Unfortuantely, we were too late. However, the organization continued to send me encouraging emails after death. I have since become a Spirit Jumper, and am so blessed to be a part!"

"I joined SJ from the very beginning. I am a cancer survivor but those who have had cancer know its not over after you become a survivor. There are lots of other things that go wrong from treatments etc. That is what I am battling now, the after effects of fighting cancer. It is so great to come home from being in the hospital, or testing to a card or gift from someone who took the time to say hi. They don't know you, and still are praying and thinking of you! Its just so nice to have a wonderful group and I hope once I get my health issues under better control (its been a bad few months) that I can be one that is sending jumps to others fighting. Its such a great feeling and I am so glad to be apart of this great group! They really make you feel special when you need a "jump" for the day!"

"My wife has been so blessed by Spirit Jump. Over the past few months my wife has had many opertaions. The cards and packages came daily as she worked on healing. Spirit Jump reminded her she was NOT alone. Thank you Spirit Jump."

"My brother is signed up for SJ. He came home from the hopsital to tons of cards and some gifts. He also got a wonderful tag blanket."

"My cousin is currently in remission, with a bone marrow transplant scheduled in August, and I asked that she receive a spirit jump. Her and her mother were so happy to receive the cards and little packages from everyone involved. It really did so much to put a smile on my cousin's face, and to know that there were people out there who cared about her. I can't thank Spirit Jump enough for helping my family while they were down! There just aren't words enough to explain how great this organization is!"

"I receive Gifts from SJ . I have gotten a lot of cards and a wonderful warm blanket. When I was in the hopsital I came home to tons of cards."

"I love coming home from school and seeing my moms face light up when she opens a package from spirit jump.Sommmetimes I get little suprises too. (:"

"My daughter has been blessed by Spirit Jump. She has called me and shared how wonderful it made her feel to come home from a Dr appt or a operation and have cards from all over the world waiting for her. Thank you Spirit Jump for helping my daughter lift her spirits. She has been blessed by your wonderful organization."

"I had never heard of such an organization as this before and became instantly involved with Spirit Jump. I have such a great feeling of worthiness when I send a card or small gift to someone who is down. My 10 year old son also sends out cards and pictures he has made to some folks. It's an invaluable way for me to teach him that not everyone is as fortunate to have their health and it enables me to show him that being a loving and giving person is so rewarding. I love being a part of this organization and I hope to watch them grow and become even more wonderful!!"

"I was brought to Spirit Jumpers on a blog. I was so moved by the stories involved that I became an instant fan. I have done a few jumps and I cannot explain how it feels to be able to reach out to people who sometimes just need a kind word or to know that someone cares. Sometimes it is very difficult to read the stories, but it also makes me greatful for what I have in my life. Thank you for this great organization. Anne Miller"

"Spirit Jump has a simple but important mission. The organization helps lift the spirits of those suffering from cancer with cards, small gifts, and well wishes. These tokens of support, sent by a network of volunteers, let cancer patients know that they are not alone in their fight and have a community around the country and beyond that are invested in their recovery and well being. Spirit Jump's clear objectives and clever use of social media have helped the organization grow quickly and develop a group of dedicated volunteers. Its mission is driven by an enthusiastic and devoted leadership. Spirit Jump is poised to continue growing and touching more lives of those with cancer."

"I am so grateful to everyone that works so hard to make Spirit Jump possible. There is true heart, true love, and a total commitment to maintaining a format that connects the brave fighters of cancer with the caring people that want to lift their spirits. I love being a spirit jumper. It has connected me with people that inspire and amaze me so. Thank you Spirit Jump from my heart to yours, Pam Shelton"

"Spirit Jump is a fantanstic charity organization! You do what you can when you can and what you can afford, wheather it be simple or something elaborate. It is so appreciated, not only by the person you are sending to but by the women who run this fine charity! I have been involved as a volunteer for the last 4 months, and I am so thankful that I can help others (men, women & children) who are facing some of the hardest times in their lives. SPIRIT JUMP YOU ARE AWESOME!"

"Spirit Jump is such a unique charity that lets anyone with a heart help out. You do not have to have a lot of money just some positive words of encouragement or comfort. It is an awesome feeling to know that a simple card or package of goodies could brighten a cancer patient or their family in what may be one of their darkest moments. I am proud to be part of such an organization. Shellie M."

"Attitude is so important when you are in the fight of your life. Many people go through it alone, or it feels that way, but the little pick-me-ups and knowing people out there care, which is what SpiritJump does so well, can make a huge difference. I only wish I had found them sooner."

"This is a wonderful charity which provides much needed moral support to those people who most need a 'spirit jump'! The work they are doing is awesome!"

"Spirit Jump provides an uplifting message to everyone who is facing the terror of a cancer diagnosis. My son Danny was diagnosed 10 years ago with an inoperable brain tumor, and yet he is doing very well today, living independently and attending college. I love being able to share our message of hope with anyone who needs to hear that you can survive a cancer diagnosis -- and you can thrive."

"I LOVE Spirit Jump! What a great way to unite people and bring smiles to the faces of those who are fighting for their lives! I'm proud to be a spirit jumper :)"

"My friend who has ovarian cancer was recently in the hospital with liver failure and was so encouraged by the flood of cards, mail and visits she received from spirit jump. It also an encouragement to me to see how uplifted she was each time she talked about it. Thank you spirit jumpers. God bless!"

"Spirit Jump is the most AMAZING orginization I have ever come across.What they do goes above and beyond many orginizations I have seen.They connect people in the most basic ways , in the most vulnerable times of their lives and it makes a lifetime of difference! Sending money to orginizations to help battle a disease or illness is GREAT,but connecting to the people who are battling the disease or illness personally and being able to be a part of getting them through AWESOME! Best of all, it can be as simple as a card or a kind word that takes 3 seconds of your time to type into Twitter, that can make a difference in someones life! For a struggling mother of 5 , this orginization gave ME the chance to get involved and make a difference! Thank You Spirit Jump!"

"I came across Spirit Jump while randomly surfing through Twitter one day. As a breast cancer survivor myself and the wife of a prostate cancer survivor, I know firsthand the kind of fight people are in when diagnosed with cancer. Throughout my journey, the support, love and prayers of many meant the world to me. The simple premise of Spirit Jump allows me to give to others facing a difficult time in their lives. Spirit Jump gives me a chance to make someone feel like they are not alone, that there are people out there who care and will pray for their recovery. I'm proud to be a Jumper!"

"I have a friend who has Ovaraian Cancer, and after her liver failed, she turned to Spirit Jump and was welcomed with open arms. Meaghan reached out to her and met her right where she was; no questions asked. I really appreciate the support that this website and its contacts give to those suffering with cancer. Thank you for keeping "spirits jumping."

"I happened across Spirit Jump somewhat randomly, but I was amazed by how a simple idea combined with some motivated and compassionate people could have so much impact on so many. The founders, the "jumpers" and the people whose spirits are lifted by thoughts, prayers, notes, gifts, flowers or just a simple tweet are a great example of the "social" in social networking. The contributions by Spirit Jump make our world smaller and make it a better place for everyone."

"Spirit Jump has been amazing. So many kind people have sent my son cards, gifts, etc. Some have even sent me and my other son gifts as well. Who doesn't love to receive mail that isn't junk? Great organization!"

"I have watched this charity grow from an idea to a reality. What a wonderful and simple idea to match those who want to give with the many who are in need of love and support!"

"This organization allows you to make your contribution directly to the people who need you. And the impact of your support is effective immediately. What better way to help fight cancer than to make a gift to one of the brave warriors who fight the battle personally?"

"A charity that allows you to directly send a card...its perfect! Instead of just writing a check this charity has given ME an opportunity to help someone battling cancer."

"Spirit Jump is a woderful program that brings joy to people who are truly suffering. It is wonderful and everyone should sign up and lift a cancer victim's spirit!!!!"

"I am very new to Spirit Jump as a "jumper" and I am so proud to be a part of what Meaghan and her crew are out to accomplish. They are the most sweet selfless women who tirelessly devote their spirit to lift others. Many can give money, even presents, these woman give love.I have the highest regards for them. Please invest a small portion of your life, time or money to help those who so well deserve it. I often say in helping those less fortunate you can only discover your own humanity."

"I am Meaghan's sister and this organization is everything she ever dreamed it would be. While my sister was battling cancer I saw the difference a little card or small gift would make. Meaghan's face would light up and you could literally see her spirits lifting. I think this is why she started Spirit Jump and I am so proud that she has been able to see it grow so much. Meaghan always said she got cancer for a reason and I can see that Spirit Jump has been it. I know she loves all the Jumpers and Jumpees as if they were her family!"

"This is an awesome organization and I am a proud "Spirit Jump"er! It makes me feel great to send a little "lift" to someone who is battling cancer or another debilitating disease."

"Spirit Jump did the most important thing for my brother Mitch's recovery. They showed him that their are people across the world who genuinly care about other people. Mitch received many cards and letters of support which lifted his spirits to where he could soar just a little on his own. Thank you Spirit Jump."

"Spirit Jump is a wonderful organzation.. They have extremely caring goals for every client involved. Stacy has a big and very open heart and is willing to help anyone that is less fortunate. Cancer victims depend on organizations like Spirit Jump to get them through their toughest times. Thank You Sprit Jump for lending your time and patience for those who need it!!"

"Meaghan has blessed me through Spirit Jump. I have gotten the sweetest cards and emails from jumpers. I can not explain how wonderful it is to come home from a appt of operation and see cards and gifts..It is a wonderful reminder that I am not alone and people care. Spirit Jump has made some of my darker days brighter. Thank you so much Spirit Jump."

"I have know Meaghan for many years. My wife and I visited her at the hospital many times and she recovered at our home after many of her surgeries. Spirit Jump was an idea that she talked about throughout her cancer battle and I am so excited to see it come to life!"

"I am very impressed with Spirit Jump and Spirit Jump's founder, Meaghan Edelstein. They do a great job of reaching out to and supporting individuals with cancer. Spirit jump also makes it easy to get involved and want to stay involved as a volunteer."

"Providing hope and comfort to individuals battling cancer; letting cancer patients know they are not alone in their fight and providing support as they battle this very personal disease is as noble a mission as anyone can aspire to have."

"I am a Spirit Jumper and I couldn't be more proud to be involved with this non-profit group. I think it's wonderful that this group aims to lifts the spirits of those with cancer...too often the emotional health of those who are ill is forgotten and it's just as important as the physical health."

"Spirit Jump literally has and is saving my life! Spirit Jump is an incredible organization that fights cancer with something no drug could ever do. That is hope and love. They give strength to keep fighting to those who are already fighting so hard. The founder and those running Spirit Jump have such inspiring stories. In fact when asked who was my hero I said Meaghan, who founded Spirit Jump in 2008. However, it is all the of the Spirit Jumpers who are my heroes, as well as the Jumpees who are brave enough to say I need help either to a friend, family member, or on the website. I personally was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in August 2007. Although I had spoken to or corresponded with may others battling, it was when I started reading Meaghan's blog that I really felt a connection. I'm not sure exactly why, but her personal story inspired me so much. On July 11, 2009 I woke up in the ICU overhearing doctors saying my liver was failing. Having cancer and knowing I was not elligible for a liver transplant, I said something to the effect of hey, if you are going to talk in front of me than talk to me. They were pretty shocked to find me conscious. My sugar and spice PCP came beside me and started to tell me that my liver was in pretty bad shape. I turned to the hepatologist and asked for the numbers. Upon hearing them I asked if there had been in change in the past 24 hours and he said there had been an increase since then. I looked them both in the face and said, "So basically you are waiting for me to die." There faces said yes, but they both said that they wanted to see how the labs looked the next day. I tried to contact some family and friends with no answers. Then I just fell asleep. The next morning the hepatologist said I was getting slightly worse, and I said I wanted to leave. If I was going to die it was not going to do it in a hospital. He told me, knowing very well I couldn't, that if I could get out of bed without assistance I was free to go. I tried contacting some family and my roommate, again with no luck. So I asked for some paper and a pen. I began to write letters to the people I wanted to say goodbye to. However, writing was a little too hard. Then, feeling completely alone and hopeless I started having the warm feelings remembering Spirit Jump and all the wonderful people involved. I did one of the hardest things in my life. I sent a tweet saying where I was. Not even a minute later I was getting a response from Spirit Jump (I don't follow everyone via text - old phone). Soon I was talking with Meaghan, being I did not have internet access. Finally hearing the voice of someone I admired so much was overwhelming. Then she told me how Spirit Jumpers were already sending their love and prayers. Suddenly, I wasn't alone. The next day the hepatologist said he was quite surprised to not only see improvement, but a fairly significant improvement. Over the next few days I received prayers, cards, visits, flowers, gifts, and heard about all the tweets on twitter. I cried because I was overwhelmed with love. I contuied to improve at an incredible rate. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Spirit Jump has been and is making all the difference. The hepatologist told me on the day I was moved out of the ICU to a regular floor that he had never seen anyone's liver make such significant improvement, especially in such a short period of time (and practically said he originally did not think I would make it through that second night), and I told him that is the power of prayer. He looked a little skeptical, and I said you have never seen it before and you didn't change my treatment, yet when people started to visit, pray and send loving thoughts there was incredible improvement. Spirit Jump saved my life when no medicine or specialist could! The cards and little gifts kept (and keep) coming, and each one at a time when I was starting to feel a little low. I would look at them all everyday. One of the most ironic things was each card or item was something in my favorite color or pattern, something I had always wanted, or from a place I had always wanted to go. Each and every prayer, positive thought, card (oh, the cards), visit, flower, & gift is treasured more than you could ever know. Spirit Jump is an awesome organization, and Spirit Jumpers saved my life!"

"Hello Everyone, this is such an important cause this is my story. I am a 5 time cancer patient survivor and now fighting it again as bone cancer in my legs, also in 1995 I lost my mother,father,sister,aunt,uncle & grandmother all died due to different cancers I held each and everyone of them while they passed, I was left on this earth alone with just a 1 & half yr old son. I have never taken kimo or radiation I will never do that no matter what I can't go that route it is just me, but I have had 14 surgeries and alot of spiritual healing & herbal care.... But my most important thing I have done and will always do is have FAITH that is the most important part of healing no matter how bad it gets always have the faith that all will be well and what we are going through is a horrible horrible illness but with faith we can be healed.... I send my love and many blessings to all & everyone.. Eaglefeather"

"I think Spirit Jump does wonderful things for those who are dealing with cancer. They provide a wonderful service that helps raise the spirits and hopes of everyone they touch. I am proud to know them and proud to help promote thier services."

"I write this review on behalf of my wife Lynn, a cancer patient recently diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer. I signed Lynn up with Spirit Jump in hopes of placing her name into the hearts of as many people as possible. Spirit Jump met and surpassed any expectations I had. Just as Lynn went through her first session of chemo, cards, small gifts and prayers from Jumpers from across the country poured in. She has been brought to tears by the love and thoughtfulness shown to her by Spirit Jump."

"I joined Spirit Jump not too long ago. Unfortunately I have seen several people deal with cancer including my mother with breast cancer. It is quite a taxing disease on everyone involved. What a wonderful idea of helping bring some much needed sunshine into a cancer patient’s life day by sending a card and/or gift."

"Spirit Jump is definitely a unique organization in the true meaning of the word and that’s a good thing. This organization provides hope and comfort to many individuals where it is need most; at the personal and human level."

"It doesn't matter how little money you have or how much you think you can't help... Spirit Jump shows us how to and allows us to send out warm thoughts, well-wishes and prayers to lift another human's spirits during a truly rough, life-altering time. Spirit Jump makes a difference in the lives of people, be they cancer patients or just someone who wants to help make the world a better place."

"Spirit Jump is a fantastic way to really make an immediate and meaningful difference in the life of someone battling cancer. I recently donated postage stamps and am currently co-ordinating a fundraiser to benefit Spirit Jump."

"I have so loved being a spirit jumper. It warms my heart to be able to lift someone's spirits at the time of great stress, grief and fear. It is so unbelievably simple to do and I am always able to decide how I am going to participate week to week so I can adjust what I do to how much time I have at the moment. All the people Spirit Jump serves are so very deserving of support, love and a little attention that I always feel it is a favor to myself instead of doing something for them. I would hope that some stranger would do this for me if I needed it and I am honored to be that stranger to them. Can you help too?"

"I found Spirit Jump when I visited Meaghans blog. It is an amazing charity helping to lift peoples spirits when fighting cancer or other illnesses. When you are battling cancer or another disease, you need to keep positive and that is what the charity is all about. SJ has managed to organise help for people just out of hospital as well as putting a smile on peoples faces when they are finding it hard to do so. Although I am fighting breast cancer right now, I decided to become a Spirit Jumper, helping other people is helping me. So, Spirit Jump is a two way thing."

I joined Spirit Jump as soon as I met Meaghan....and it was a moment when I was really needing to contribute to something that dealt so directly with cancer. I lost my grandma four and a half years ago to lung cancer, my friend Michelle 6 months to the day later, and my friend Rachael that following March to brain cancer at the age of 14. I got a small break before finding out my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer and my friend Donna was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I lost both of them in May 2008 within one week of each other. Until the day of my grandma's diagnosis, I had never experienced cancer in any form of the word. I never knew anyone who had it, never watched anyone fight it, never watched someone I love lose their life to it. After that, my life changed....and it became so important to me to become involved in every way I could to help those fighting cancer and to help spread awareness and increase funding for research. I even built a portion of doing that into my business and became a board member of a foundation in memory of my friend Rachael to help fund brain cancer research. Spirit Jump is a fabulous fabulous program. I cannot tell you what cards, letters, gifts, phone calls, even small random notes did for all those people I watched fight the disease. If I can do that for someone.....give them that boost they need, give them a smile, let them know someone cares.....then I want to do whatever I possibly can to be a part of that!!! It's the most rewarding volunteer program I have EVER been a part of. I thank Meaghan and Stacey every day for turning their battles with the disease into something so positive. I love them both and I love my entire Spirit Jump family. We all rock!! And so do our "jumpees!!"

"I have decided to put my company name behind the efforts of Spirit Jump. Their mission is simple...offer hope. We are expecting to become abundantly involved after August, upon my return. Please read their blog, check the website. Do the will find caring hearts... and sweet souls."

"This is incredible organization helps cancer patients, all over the world, by strengthening their spirits to fight another day. Rock on Spirit Jump!"

"Spirit Jump is an inspiring organization which connects people on a deep spiritual level. It is run with care, efficiency and in such a way that all of the people involved feel truly joined together. It's like a big, loving family of which I am very proud to be a part."

"Great idea and very helpful to those who need a lift to get through tough times dealing with cancer. I am on and off struggling with cancer and wish I had the support of an org like this. For now I can help others through this great service."

"When I was made aware of Spirit Jump, I joined immediately. They are truly an amazing organization that literally "jumps" to be there for people suffering. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer two years ago. It was an excruciating and long journey filled with sadness and pain. Any kindness during that time gave me the lift of energy I needed to be there for my mom. Spirit Jump is a great idea and it makes a great difference in the lives of people dealing with cancer. When I get the Spirit Jump requests, I happily see what I can do. It is so rare in these hard times to feel great and knwo you are making a difference. Spirit Jump makes a difference. Real people who have taken such a simple idea and brought joy, hope and community to people when they feel at their most alone time. The Spirit Jump concept is easy, inspiring and advances the best attributes in people. I think everyone should join. Every Jump makes a difference and I applaud Spirit Jump for their work."

"What a wonderful program this is. Sometimes when your down and out, there is no medication or hopeful diagnosis that can alleviate your worries. Spirit Jump provides treatment for the heart and soul."

"My son and I have been recipients of the kindness of Spirit Jump. In the midst of ones battle against cancer it is very easy to slip into depression and start losing the fight, especially if you don't have the best support network. Spirit jump has made all the difference in the world! My cancer is terminal, but I am not ready to go yet. The cards and gifts and love I received has made the difference between staying in bed and getting up and out and living again!"

"I have just started with this organization after hearing about them on Your Blooming podcast and I was so inspired to actually do something! They make it so easy to make a difference!! I just sent out my very first Spirit Jump card and can't wait for the next one!! Many thanks and heartfelt blessings to all who make this possible..."

"I learned about Spirit Jump on Twitter a few months ago and have been an avid supporter ever since. So many of us feel that we can't spare money to donate to a cause or that it won't really make a difference but you can be a Spirit Jumper and really make a difference in someone's life for merely the price of a card and a stamp. Those battling cancer and other serious illnesses often need the most important treatment of just knowing they are not alone and Spirit Jump helps them know that."

"Spirit Jump understands the importance of the Mind-Body Connection. Lifting someone's spirits when they're emotionally stressed from fighting an illness is what Spirit Jump is all about. I know firsthand how much this helps. My father battled cancer last year. Our family put together a digital frame of photos and words of encouragement to play whenever Dad was feeling low. And now I'm sending cards to others who need encouragement while fighting cancer. We should all strive to show a little compassion and kindness to others. I believe Spirit Jump makes a vital difference in this regard."

"Like many people, cancer has impacted my life. I lost my brother to brain cancer in 1999. So when I first learned of Spirit Jump, I thought, now there is an idea who's time has come. I know some of the folks who are involved in making Spirit Jump happen, so I know first hand how dedicated they are to making sure the goals of this charity are maintained. They are tireless workers and advocates for those touched by cancer. Spirit Jump is needed. Spirit Jump should be a part of everyone's life. I could not be more proud to be involved with such a great organization, and such great people!"

"This organization has grown a lot since I joined and I think they are doing a fantastic job with the changes they have made in the presentation, organization of information and in presenting the cause and ways to help. It offers the members of SJ a feeling of community involvement. The drawings they began offering gives something to the members as well."

"This beautiful organization is positively influencing lives-- one jump at a time. Not only does it create an avenue of support for those who need their spirits lifted (which in my opinion can heal oftentimes more than medicine) but it further gives a wonderful feeling of connection and love from those who are reaching out in support of those healing from a health challenge. That is a high vibration win-win situation for all involved. As an author, speaker and expert in this field, I see first hand how connections of this sort provide a boost in the healing process. I am so happy to be a part of this group founded with the purest of intentions."

"Spirit Jump is a fantastic group, promoting one simple idea...lifting cancer patient's spirits!! A grassroots campaign that has grown like wild fire, and I'm so proud to be a small part of it!"

"I am in awe of the work that Spirit Jump does on a daily basis. When someone is hurting with the effects, both mental and physical of cancer - Spirit Jump provides a ray of sunlight and hope. I am proud to be a Spirit Jumper and work with this great organization."

"It is SO EASY to make a difference in the life of someone who's struggling. And Spirit Jump showed me just HOW easy it was. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help!"

"I'm a cancer survivor and I know how important an encouraging note or card from a stranger can be. Just knowing there is someone out there saying a prayer for you gives you strength and brings you comfort. Now I can give back through Spirit Jump and it still feeds my spirit. The founder, Meaghan,is an amazing person and works very hard to uphold the integrity of the organization. Spirit Jumpers are like another family, supporting those battling cancer and fellow Spirit Jumpers as well. It's simple and easy, and you can contribute at your own discretion. I can honestly say that Spirit Jump is like chicken soup for your soul!"

"This wonderful organization gives in two ways. Not only does it lift the spirits of people who are ill, but it lifts the spirits of those of us who send the gifts & cards! I'm proud to be a Spirit Jumper."

"After being diagnosed with cancer and while staying in the hospital I became very aware of which fellow patients were not receiving visitors or cards and flowers. The hospital is a dark place when you're sick. The healthcare system doesn't address the emotional toll that disease and treatment take on a person. Visitors and gifts and cards became important lifelines for me and I felt worried for those who seemed to be going through their treatment alone. I'm SO glad I found Spirit Jump. The program is allowing me to brighten someone's day(s) during their difficult time. It's a win win!!"

"I got involved with Spirit Jump because of my inspirational cousin Meaghan. I was dumbfounded when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her mom is super important to me since she is my Mom's little sister. Meaghan really impressed when after beating cancer, she went on a positive route and focused on what she could do for others. Meaghan even as a little girl was always full of life and inspiration. Its an honor to call her family. It truly is."

"think Spirit Jump is a wonderful program. It helps people with cancer have hope, and it brightens someones spirit. I know it had mine, even though I dont have cancer. I wish i knew about Spirit Jump when my sister in law was sick with cancer. It would of gave her more hope and her family. There was no cure for her cancer, and she passed last year."

"Spirit Jump is a great organization that does amazing work lifting the spirits of those with cancer. I work at a card store & it just seemed like the perfect way for me to give back by sending cards to people who needed their spirits lifted. So simple & so rewarding for both the jump-er & jump-ee!!!"

"I got involved in Spirit Jump because of its mission to give to cancer patients FROM THE HEART. When people are suffering from serious illness so oftentimes people just don't know what to say or do...they stumble, they blurt, they stay away, they avoid, or they cry and express their own fears to the patient. Spirit Jump offers an easy and tangible way to help patients feel loved and cared for during very dark times, when human connection is vitally important, and yet when it can be awkward or uncomfortable to make that connection happen. Spirit Jump makes it easy for two hearts and two spirits to connect at critical times for a person with serious illness. In this regard, Spirit Jump is so unique, offering gifts of the heart and spirit with profound simplicity."

"I got involved with Spirit Jump because I have known Meaghan since she was a baby. How heartbreaking it was when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer less than 3 years ago! Her mom and I have known each other for a very long time. But, what has impressed me most is that, after battling and beating cancer, Meaghan put her energies into Spirit Jump. Rather than focus on her own ongoing struggles, she has reached out and done what she can to boost the spirits of others who are going through what she went through. She is truly inspirational."

"I had been wanting to get involved with a charity in order to give back. And when my mom had to go in for a month's worth of chemotherapy earlier this year, I saw what some cancer patients have to go through. Therefore, when I became aware of Spirit Jump, I was very excited about joining. I thought I was doing it to help other people and lift their spirits but what Spirit Jump does goes beyond that. It's a full circle moment. When you send a card or a gift and you know that what you are doing is going to hopefully brighten someone's day who really, really could use the cheering up, that makes you feel so great! It's a spirit jump for the person receiving the gift and another spirit jump for the person doing the gifting. What a wonderful thing! Spirit Jump does incredible work and much needed work. Amazing."

"This group is doing amazing work for people facing terrible circumstances. They're doing it all on a shoestring through a grapevine of information. They are truly a unique service!"

"I love this group. It helps so much for people going through this monster. I love receving the mail. Love you and thanks for getting all the people that share their bad days and good days. Love you, Thanks, Glenda"

"This is an amazing organization that is about lifting up spirits of those not doing well. It is a group of people that just care, want to send a kind word,card, or gift if possible. I enjoy lifting other's spirits. The best thing is I do it out of my heart with no expectations! Spirit Jump's concept is very contagious and rewarding. They have my support!"

"It's contagious when you find people like those behind Spirit Jump holdin onto that wonderful flow of energy that comes from not only supporting each other, but rather from living together as a caring community ready to give a little and receive so much life."

"This is an incredible non-profit lead by some incredible people. Being involved in this organization has really opened my eyes to the power that we all have within us to make a difference in someone's life. It doesn't require much effort at all and every card/gift/kind word is very much appreciated and cherished. I hope more people get involved in this organization and find it as rewarding to 'jump' people's spirits as I do."

"I first learned about Spirit Jump on Twitter after I posted my blog about my grandmother being diagnosed with cancer. The daily blogs that I see truely show me the love and support they have for everyone. They are so active in making sure we reach out to those who need reassurance and know they are being thought about. Good thin there are Spirit Jumpers out there. Its a great thing."

"I am so blessed that I have had the opportunity to get to know Spirit Jump. What a wonderful charity and organization this has become. What started as a small thing has already grown so much because of their hardwork and dedication. I own a business that has helped and contributed to Spirit Jump, but have also been and continue to be a jumper myself. I have always wanted my children to grow up to be compassionate and giving people. My oldest is 3.5 years old and Spirit Jump has been a wonderful thing to introduce giving and also illness. We have jumped the spirits of children and my son has enjoyed drawing pictures and picking out surprises to give to our new friends. This is truly a wonderful organization and is a true miracle. So many families and people benefit from Spirit Jump everyday. Little things make such a difference in people's lives. I cannot even imagine the enormous amount of work that goes in to Spirit Jump. I hope to continue to be active in this organization for many years and look forward to all that is in the future. GO SPIRIT JUMP and THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!"

"I have known Meaghan, the director of Spirit Jump, for just a few years. In that time I have been inspired by her courage, touched by her compassion and astonished at her commitment to helping other people. I have seen her not only deal with her own cancer, going into the hospital for regular surgeries every few months, but simultaneously reach out to help others as director of Spirit Jump and as leader at school. This organization brings a light when some people only see darkness. Its a wonderful charity and I am proud to be a Spirit Jumper."

"I am Meaghan's best friend and have watched her through this terrible battle. Spirit Jump is the product of her own experience with cancer and I believe that's why it works so well. Spirit Jump is about lifting the spirits of those battling cancer and I see it work every day"

"I have watched my daughter battle cancer, survive and now create this wonderful organization. Her battle was not an easy one but it inspired her to reach out to others in hopes of lifting their spirits."

"Spirit Jump is a wonderful organization that gives cancer patients, or people with close family or friends with cancer, a brief respite from their battle in the form of a gift. Something so simple but so comforting. To receive a small present, card or trinket from someone out there you never met, but who is now fighting the fight with you, makes the world of difference to so many. Support SpiritJump in any way you can" become a Spirit Jumper, donate something to be sent to a Spirit jumpee, send a card to someone who needs their spirits lifted, donate money to the org, give a raffle item to be used to raise funds. There are so many ways you can help please go to today and get involved. I donated a raffle item and spoke to the director of Spirit Jump, Meaghan, on the phone. She is a lovely, dedicated person. Both of the founders of Spirit Jump have fought their own battle with cancer. They provide a unique insight into how to jump someone's spirits."

"Need a lift? Send a gift! That's the whole idea behind Spirit Jump a wonderful Charity whose mission is to lift the spirits of those battling cancer and other debilitating diseases. I am PROUD to be a SPIRIT JUMPER!!"

"What a great group of people! One of the founders I knew from blogger, before she started the Spirit Jump program. She directly dealt with cancer so she knows what its like. I believe they both did... they send cards and gifts to cancer patients around the world, to lift their spirits. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! God bless all of them!"

"Spirit Jump has lifted my spirits as both a Jumper and Jumpee. I founded this organization after I battled 3b cervical cancer. When I was sick in the hospital friends & family sent me so many cards, flowers and small gifts. During my darkest days these tokens of love were the only bright moments I received. Now I am able to give others this same joy through Spirit Jump. There are hundreds of loving, giving people who reach out to the many battling cancer. It warms my heart to see their love and strength. There are also hundreds of people who receive Spirit Jumps and I know first hand that their spirits are lifted by the cards and other spirit jumps they receive."

"Spirit Jump is run by two young ladies who are very passionate about what they do. The focus of the organization is helping those with cancer; both Stacy and Meaghan are very involved and take their mission to heart, leading them to provide support for many and grow Spirit Jump day by day. The more the organization grows, the more people can be reached out to, which is why I support Spirit Jump."

"Great organization that asks volunteers to just provide a lift to people with cancer who need it. No strings attached to participation. You choose when you want to engage and they manage the details. A group like this does make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer."

"This is a charity full of so much love and wonderful people. This charity has allowed me to use my creativity to bring a smile to someone battling cancer. This charity does the most important thing for these people and that is letting them know that they are not alone."

"This group has taken my daughter into their hearts and let her know that her last days on earth matter.. Sammie has terminal bone cancer and is only 12 years old. They have sent art work, flowers, cards, gifts, and most of all support.. what a wonderful group of humans!"

"I have been a Spirit Jumper for a few months and I really love this group. I get such a great feeling after doing a jump, as I feel like I am giving a small boost to someone who really needs to be lifted up. I requested a jump this past week and it was sent out this past weekend. The support from this group is really great. "

"The outpouring of kindness and love from this group is amazing. This wonderful non profit gives hope and comfort to those battling cancer and lets them know that they are not alone. This is how it works: the call goes out to spiritjumpers that there is a person(s) in need of their spirits being jumped and the "jumpers" send a card or small gift to them. This usually results in a flood of well wishes and the "jumpee" feels the kindness and friendship from such a strong network of people and the givers "jumpers" also become the receivers of what is felt within the heart."

"Spirit Jump is providing the most basic service - hope. They take requests for "spirit jumps" from cancer patients or their families, and distribute those people's requests to their growing army of Jumpers. My mother is a patient who has received numerous cards, notes, and gifts as she's dealt with cancer over the last 9 months, and it's amazing how those small tokens have helped her remain optimistic. We LOVE Spirit Jump!!"

"My 3 year old son is a cancer patient and loves receiving mail! Once I found Spirit Jump in a matter of days we were flooded with mail from all over! There were cards and gifts and words of encouragement that brought tears to my eyes. Spirit Jump is an organization made up of so many wonderful people! They really work so hard at trying to put smiles on people's faces... they succeeded with my little guy!! :)"

"I became a "Jumper" about two months ago. Along with sending flowers to a person in the hospital, I have sent positive emails and prayers for those with cancer. This is a wonderful positive site and I recommend it to people that want to volunteer."

"Spirit Jump is a great networking system too. I have been able to speak members in the US etc and it has inspired me to help others. I lost a close friend this year and spirit jump has inspired me to do more. Thank you and keep the fight going x x"

"Spirit jump is a wonderful organization. When my mom was having a hard time with her brain cancer people sent her "spirit jumps" and it really made her feel so much better. I now send spirit jumps to those who need it and I am proud to belong to an organization like this as i have seen what good they do first hand."

I am a recent cancer survivor. This horrible health wreaking killer ravages your body inside and out. It assaults your energy and attitude. Your very belief in yourself can be difficult to hold on to. I learned about Spiritjump while on Twitter, and started “following”, then joined the movement. I could not help it. Sending spirit lifting letters or gifts to those in the throngs of suffering any disease is simply the right thing to do. Some patients’ are not consoled by many family members or friends. While some have a few visitors major illness can be a long drawn out struggle. All those fighting for their life need and deserve comfort. And it turns out we spiritjumpers benefit almost as much as those that receive the “jumps”. Being a spiritjumper makes you feel good. Imagine reading notes or receiving a gift from someone you don’t even know that took a little time say ” hi there I CARE! So sorry you are struggling. Keep the faith and remember people out there care about you.” This is a wonderful use of time and energy for anyone to endeavor. So recommending Spiritjump is easy. Everyone should consider a little random act of kindness once in awhile wouldn’t you agree? Spiritjump is what’s right with the internet. Spiritjump is what’s right with America. Spiritjump is what’s right with the world."

"My name is Lillie and I lost my 26 year old stepdaughter, Annie, May 2008, to an error in a minor procedure she was was having, after having had a tumor removed off her vocal chords. Annie had Schwannamatosis, a type of Neurofibromatosis. After her death, I start seeking out people who had gone through similar situations and I was also looking for ways I could volunteer, in Annie's memory. I was introduced to Spirit Jump through Twitter. After learning about Spirit Jump, I knew that it was something I could do. I am a caregiver for my mom so I don't have an opportunity to get out and volunteer. The first contacts I made through Spirit Jump were to three ladies, all battling cancer. I was given three names, with three stories, and three addresses. It was only three cards that I sent that first time but the feeling it gave me was if I had sent 50. It made me feel sooo good, knowing that I was making someone's day a little better. Myself, I love receiving cards and mail, so for someone who is ill, I know it has to mean more. The next "jumpee" I found out about was a nine year old little girl, Destiny, who has been battling Neurofibromatosis most of her life. I instantly felt a connection to Destiny, because she is battling the same disease my Annie had. I have sent a few packages to Destiny, with just little gifts for her and her younger brother. The joy it brings me is indescribable. I feel such a connection to Destiny, and her mom and I have also become friends. The distance doesn't matter, the dollar amount doesn't matter, the size of the gift doesn't matter, what matters is that someone is thinking of Destiny, and so many others, and someone is taking the time to say, we care. We are here, we love you, and we support you. We don't all know what Cancer patients are going through, but we know that we care because we are human beings. Spirit Jump is such an awesome organization, thw people who run it are down to earth, they care about what WE, Spirit Jumpers are doing. They let us know that they appreciate us, and that what we are doing for others makes them proud to be running the Spirit Jump organization. I have become part of a group of people who are the most amazing people ever. I have never felt so good about public service as I do now. This is so good for me, it makes me a better person, just letting others know that I am here and I care."

"Spirit Jump is a wonderful, selfless organization. It started as the dream of two cancer survivors who understand the ups and downs of dealing with cancer. Their idea: SIMPLE, to "Brighten the Days" of those suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases. How: by recruiting the masses of like minded souls who had the same desire to help and make a difference. With that, this growing group of individuals have begun touching those lives with a card, gift, some small token to let them know they are thought about and that they have this huge support group rooting them on."

"I am a relative new jumper. I like to bring a little bit of happiness wherever I can. This organization is very special. i love helping whenever I can."

"I found Spirit Jump via Twitter. Being a "jumper" with Spirit Jump has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had with a charity. I know who I am touching and I know their story so it is a much more personal experience than simply writing a check to a charity."

"Spirit Jumpers is a fantastic organization that lets cancer patients and individuals who are suffering that they are not alone. There are people out there that are thinking of them and care about them."

"Spirit Jump is a amazing nonprofit group. I find what they do to be a great thing. Matching people with others who just need a spiritual uplifting. I a proud to be a member of this group and bring what little joy and happiness I can to others thru them. Pat"

"Spirit Jump is an awesome program helping those battling cancer. We send cards and gifts to those in need. It truly is a powerful program and incredible experience for all involved. It's very simple too which is another huge plus. I would simply tell anyone to look into becoming a part of this program."

"I joined Spirit Jump in March after watching lots of conversation about it. After I sent out my first "jump" I was hooked! I then met Meaghan, the founder of Spirit Jump and never looked back and have become an Official Advisor to the organization. I am blessed to have made so many wonderful friends who are also Jumpers and who support the Mission of Spirit Jump which is to brighten a few moments for those battling cancer!"

"I want to say thank you so much for the cards and other items you have sent my way. It has been a very bad week for me and this is so what I needed. This organization is awesome. YOU ALL have lifted my spirit so much this last week. I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you. God Bless you all!" ~ Lisa Thompson

"I also would like to Thank everyone for the cards and gifts I was so happy. Just to see how much support I got from you all more than I could ever asked for I felt truly loved and blessed I cried every time I opened and read a card they were so nice." ~Elizabeth Paddock

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