Denied Due To Pre-Existing Condition

My name is Meaghan and I am the founder of Spirit Jump. As some of you may know I was diagnosed with 3b cervical cancer a few years ago when I was only 28. Given 20% chance of surviving my spirits were low. Not only was I battling for my life, having chemo, internal radiation, external radiation, numerous surgeries BUT I was also battling for my insurance. Thats right! Shortly after my diagnosis my insurance company, Mega Life, dropped me under their Pre-Existing clause.

I had to make a choice, battle for my life or battle for my insurance - I chose LIFE. But, now that I am alive I am dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt. I receive numerous letters from debt collectors daily, harrasing phone calls and ruined credit scores. I am unable to receive any insurance due to my cancer diagnosis which means I cannot just go to the doctors when I am sick, get prescriptions so I can get healthy etc.....

I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS and that is one of the reasons I started Spirit Jump. To help the many men, women and children battling cancer. Many of these brave people are also battling insurance companies much like I did. I want to help them remember that people out there do love them, are praying for their good health and rooting them on.


  1. Wow I know what you mean. When my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer the insurance company refused to pay her bills. She wrote to then gov. Pete Wilson and he somehow forced them to pay. She was fortunate in that way, but there are so many people going through this that do not insurance and financial stress on top of fighting for thier lives. I'm glad you started SJ too, it makes me feel like I can give a little something to those in need.

  2. Meaghan, I didn't know this part of your story. Thank you for sharing it. My hope and prayer is that our country's leaders can find a plan that will work. This is so unfair and just doesn't make sense.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing awareness to the inequalities of health care.

  4. Thanks for visiting me today.

    Wow, it's amazing what our insurance companies will do, or won't do. My prayers are with you.

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