Are You A Spirit Jumper???

I think we can all be Spirit Jumper's ever day of the week. Think about it, do you lift peoples spirits throughout the day? You can do this by opening the door for someone whose arms are full, smiling at a woman on the street who looks like she has been crying or calling your grandparents in the middle of the week just because.

While there are many ways to lift the spirits of those around you we at Spirit Jump have a very specific way you can help us lift spirits. Spirit Jump is always looking for men, women and children who can send cards to people battling cancer in order to lift their spirits. Its really that simple to be a Spirit Jumper.

When you join Spirit Jump you will receive emails from our team with names, stories and pictures of men, women and children battling cancer. If you are able to send a card to, one or all of them, simply reply to the email with the name(s) of those you want addresses for. Then its up to you to send the card, or small gift if you want. As a Spirit Jumper you can always visit our website and click "Jumpees" to see a complete list of names, pictures and stories of all those who are in need of spirit lifting. And, of course you can always email us and ask for any of these addresses.

You can also find Spirit Jump on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

And of course we are always in need of Donations and you can donate by clicking our "Donate" button on this page top right corner.


  1. A great way to spirit jump is to let people know in addiction treatment that they have friends who believe in them to get better!

  2. I've just registered with you, and look forward to supporting you. Living with an illness is tough enough without having to carry the burden of financial worries and hardship. You have my full support.

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