Another Great Offer For Spirit Jumpers

Wendy from Litkey Design is offering a 10% discount at her Etsy store to anyone who would like to purchase a Spirit Jump Gift for someone in need. Wendy has also generously offered to custom make anything at no extra cost as well with the same discount. Please keep in mind that Amigurumi's (crocheted animals) take a couple weeks and monkeys or monsters can be done within 2 or 3 days usually but give it a week just to be safe. She also plan to start offering felted bags soon and will have gloves, hats and scarves starting in the fall.

A portion of all of Wendy's sales goes to The Cancer Research Institute. Her mother had a good prognosis with her cancer, but died from a chemotherapy complication, cancer treatment research and options are very important to her. The rest of the proceeds support her art therapy and mental health counseling degree, so she can spend the rest of her career helping people. Every penny spent is for a good cause and this will hold true even with a discount.

Please Wendy's Etsy store Litkey Design


  1. Those are awesome! If I didnt have to take a loan out on my 401K to pay my bills, I would buy one to spirit jump me! :-P What a great way to give back! Love Love Jettychan

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