Meaghan's Surgery

Hi Everybody!!

Just in the event that you don't subscribe to Meaghan's Personal Blog I wanted to take a second to update all of our Spirit Jumpers on Meaghan's progress following her kidney surgery on Monday.

The surgery was on Monday morning and went well, but she is now one rib and kidney less. It has been very painful for her, especially last night. She was scheduled to be released today, but unfortunately will be staying another night.

If anyone is in the Boston area and would like to visit her the address is below:

Hosp. New England Baptist
c/o Meaghan Edelstein
125 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston, MA 02120

Hopefully Meaghan will be out of the hospital tomorrow. She will then be recovering at her parents home in Western Massachusetts until May 5th. If any of you would like the contact information to send something to her house, please email me at and I will get you the information.

Thank you all for continuing to keep Meaghan's Spirit up as she goes through what will hopefully be her LAST surgery!!!

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