Follow Spirit Jump On Twitter

Lots of things are going to be happening with Spirit Jump in the next couple of months. Stacy has been doing a lot of work to make us a Non-Profit Organization and we have received lots of emails from people who want to jump spirits and who need jumps. Therefore, we have created a Twitter Account to keep everyone posted. Please click HERE and follow Spirit Jump on Twitter.

The more followers we have the more people we can help!

Here are some things that you can expect to hear about in the next couple of weeks:

- Updates on the many fighters who have received Spirit Jumps.
- Highlights with links about the many Spirit Jumpers and their shops.
- Pictures of the creative and beautiful gifts that have been donated by YOU.
- New ways to help people fighting cancer.
- An updated FAQ section.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, questions, concerns or comments E-mail us or leave a comment. We love to hear from everyone. (email Meaghan) (email Stacy) (if you want to jump a fighters spirit) ( if you need a spirit jump or know someone who does)


  1. Hey Meaghan and Stacey,

    April at DeltaKids has a young friend in need of a Spirit Jump. I commented on her blog with Spirit Jumps info but thought you might like to contact her.

    Thanks! Glad to see your back in the swing of things.